Saturday, August 2, 2014

Roadtrip, memories

Phew, the hard work is done with the schedule of events and the pictures all posted.

I want to remember more than that though.

Such as:

I have the sweetest children in the world. They were on their best behavior and consistently made what could have been stressful situations (new houses, weird sleeping configurations, lots of driving time) very easy and even pleasant. I loved spending the day with them on Friday bustling around the Utah Valley together. I felt very close to them as I tried to make the day fun - I am so grateful for my little 24/7 companions!

Ross and Linda are THE. BEST. They are a couple the Poulsens met when they lived in Montpelier, and they sort of adopted each other. We got to stay with them and I felt so at home and comfortable and happy at their house. They are the type of down-to-earth, experienced, funny, kind people you can't get enough of. I can't wait to see them again!

Austin laughing (read: guffawing, honking, choking, spasming...laughing is too tame a word for what these guys do when they are together) with the posse. It's so fun, SO FUN, to be all together as couples and families when these boys have known each other since their middle school shenanigans. Austin lights up around those guys and I love it!

Stockton LOVING his piano toy. Actually, my mom got it for Natalie last year, but he totally took it over. We called him the Piano Man since he played with it alllll over our trip.

 car, backyard, Jen's house

 Ross and Linda's, at night in the car, at the Golding's

Hanging out with Afton and Anthony (Austin's older bro) - they have lived outside of Nebraska the whole time we've been married and we miss seeing them! It is so fun when we can all be together. They are WONDERFUL with Natalie and Stockton - it will be awesome when we all have kids and the cousins can just go crazy.

Checking every Target from Lincoln to Layton for Psych Season Four. Turns out, that's the only one they don't carry. WHY WOULD YOU HAVE THE SEVEN OTHER SEASONS BUT SKIP 4? Ugh.

Stockton eating like a mad man. Soooo much baby food! And trying to crawl, the cute thing.

Goose always begging Natalie, "see me, see me." Ha!

Games, scriptures, movies, hang out after the kids went to bed. So fun to be together.

Reading about the building of the Salt Lake Temple at one of the visitor's centers...totally worth it if you haven't actually been inside the South Center. The Spirit is so strong there!

Accidentally driving over a mountain (literally) trying to get to the Mt. Timp temple.

Brown butter mizithra. Droooool. (an imported cheese that they serve on spag at Spag Fac. TRY IT. LIVE IT. LOVE IT.)

Meeting Janet, a wheelchaired woman heading to the Spag Fac as I was walking around looking for Austin and Natalie. She invited me to sit down for a drink since she was alone and we chatted about California film festivals and her 40-something great-grandchildren.

Playing with Jen's boys at their Orem mansion (not exaggerating) and then Laura's girls in SLC - they are younger, so it's kind of like Natalie's "cousins."

My "conversations" with Natsby - she is getting so good at communicating, saying more phrases instead of single words and being able to answer questions. She picks up on everything! She recognizes places after only being there once (for instance, she said "fishies!" as we drove up to the aquarium the second time) and starts her own topics of conversation (i.e. randomly saying "Ananda" and "Tristchan"/Christian, wanting to see them).

Natalie slept in our bed for the first time (except for the random naps when she was tiny) - she is a mover and a shaker! Austin had to retreat to the couch and between being kicked and worrying about her rolling off the bed, I didn't sleep very well. But it was very cozy : ) I am so so so glad the children slept well - we brought both pack-and-plays and all the blankets and gear that facilitate a good sleep for them, and they performed. I'm glad they are used to sleeping in the same room already so it wasn't hard to adjust when we were out of town.

I'm sure I'll think of more and maybe add them later, but even if not that's okay...the overall feeling of this trip is so happy and pleasant and just great - I had SUCH a wonderful time and am so grateful we made all of it happen.

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