Monday, October 6, 2014

Hello Again!

We've taken quite the break from the blog sphere the past month or two - I've missed it! I am ready to get rid of the nagging guilt of my accumulating pictures and events. It's always frustrating to fall behind on the blog because I never feel like you can quite catch up and do it justice. 


~we said goodbye to apartment living and are now happy residents of 331 S 54th Street - notice the lack of apartment number! first time in our marriage! it was a relatively easy move and we are very content with our new situation. more on that later. 
~Stockton turned ONE! what!? more on that later.
~Natalie started stringing words together first into phrases and now into sentences. She's such a big girl!
~Austin and I ran a half marathon together! I use the word "ran" loosely - more like "gently jogged and walked." more on that later. 
~my dad started his new job as the JROTC instructor at Lincoln Northeast High School, and he lives with us part time. So fun to have Pop-Pop around more often!
~my brother Sam got his mission call to Reno, Nevada, and leaves next month. Anyone have any Nevada connections? 
~we celebrated our 3-year anniversary with a trip to the temple together and dinner at the place we went on our wedding night. Love you babe!

We've spent time playing in the backyard, going to the park, enjoying our fabulous neighbors, and loving the fall weather. 

Ah, where do I start with pictures? Here's a random smattering:

they have NOOR but not JESSIE?

 pretty girl in the car : ) 

 cozy on a sick day 

we love PopPop!

it's rare that he gets to sleep in my arms anymore, so I soak it up : ) 

a nice stroll

 this table is from my Grammy Bee - we used it as kids, and my mom did too - lots of history!

 the sibling swing - so much (forced) love

 my happy fuzzy sweet handsome STOCKTON!

big thoughts at the mall play area

he loves raiding the book cabinet

 he's starting to like reading and looking at books - the best!

brother sister reading : ) 

watching conference

 on a walk between sessions - I think her with the leash is so cute

rock break
More to come later! Panera is closing so I have to stop here - we haven't gotten internet at our new place (we're seeing if we can live without it; hence, blog drought) so I have to mooch at other places. 

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  1. Yay! on the move! Yay! on the half-marathon! Basically, Yay YOU! Love you! I have no idea how big the church is in Lincoln, but a family from our ward moved there. The Madsens. They are really nice folks. Young and hip like you.