Wednesday, October 22, 2014

September DID Happen, I Promise

September flew by (I feel like I say that every post, with a different month. But it's true!)

I've really enjoyed walking group with the other friends in our ward - we go every Monday/Thursday in the mornings and walk to the park. I always feel boosted and enjoy spending time with everyone. The kids love it too, and get nice and tired for their naps!

A note about naps: aren't they sacred? I guard the two hours of actual nap time and the hour before/after like my life depends on it. Sometimes, it does. You can't be in the car too close to nap time because then they fall asleep en route, potentially earning you a shorter nap. You can't plan anything too close to wake up time because waking up a sleeping child is an international infraction, plus the children (at least mine) need some nap recovery time. You can't have anyone over during nap time - you need that for YOU time, and you definitely can't schedule any appointments or activities during nap time. Some of my friends are less rigid about their nap situations, but I'm a no-mercy nap enforcer. I don't always nap, but I ALWAYS need that time to myself.

ANYWAY - to the pictures! (I don't know why I didn't try some sort of collage program until now...sooooo much better!)

Looking at the fishies at Cabela's (the giant catfish are pretty alarming), Stockton's favorite activity of opening/closing drawers, my lovely tree-ful view from the front window, and my fun kids laughing when I jump at Target.
perfectly smoked ribs from Big Sexy, an authentic barbecue experience, playing at Mimi's, and an enormous plate of noodles from HuHot

my sweet Natsby : ) 

LOVING our backyard. lifesaver. and fun frolfing with Daddy. 

a zoo day in Omaha with friends!

moving woes: flooded laundry room Day 1, broken plate, and squished legs in the truck. Plus a sweet sleeping baby, reverent (and adorable) church friends, and fun with the Welches! (the boys play this game on the smooth part of a game board where they have to see who can blow the marble to the other side. it is HILARIOUS to watch - for some reason Ross has lungs of steel and produces a gale-like wind, creaming the competition.)

Phew! Still missing some details, but I'm feeling much better. I'm looking forward to actually blogging, as in writing, instead of just captioning pictures. 

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