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Guys, I need to get internet. This whole no-blogging thing is no bueno. I feel like I’m not capturing important moments that I want to remember! (And I'm at the library currently and the internet is the WORST and I can't upload any pictures. UGHHHHH. At least I'm posting something. Pretend there are pictures and I will add them later.)
WHAT NATALIE HAS BEEN UP TO LATELY: +loving dresses +the movie Hairspray +reading everything – I love when she asks to read more books, probably the only bedtime procrastination technique that we will gladly allow +pretending to catch the snitch like Harry Potter (her mouth never quite remembers how to say it: switch, squish, snish, smitch are all frequent substitutes) +playing in her kitchen – she loves using my real kitchen tools to flip “pancakes,” make “soup,” put “eggs” in the pan, and fill up her cup with “water.” I LOVE that she plays pretend already. anyone have any tips to continue encouraging her in this kind of play? +she preten…

Destruction, Doom, and Ruin

So a volcano erupted in Lincoln last night (in my dream), sending the city into turmoil and destruction.  With hot magma spraying hundreds of feet into the sky in a mushroom cloud formation and splashing ever closer to our home, all we had time for was to grab our children and the 72-hour kits in the basement and race away in our car to safety. It all felt very Dante’s Peak (look it up).
The dream wasn’t super scary because I knew it was a dream, and we noticed the volcano early enough that even though we had to hurry we were able to escape. The scary part was, when I hurtled downstairs to grab our food storage supplies, WE DIDN’T HAVE ANY, and that part is true in real life. It was the most helpless, doomed feeling. I woke up and rolled over and told Austin at 4:35 in the morning that we needed to make 72-hour kits and work on our food storage. He groggily asked why and I told him a volcano erupted. But he was already asleep.
So, I’m starting slow, but I’m taking steps to be prepa…


Our little buddy turned one (two months ago) and we had a happy celebration! He seems so much less one than Natalie did, somehow. Part of it is that he isn’t walking yet (especially on his actual birthday, now he is a lot closer), but I think the biggest reason is that with Natalie we were always looking forward to the next big milestone, and turning one was HUGE for us as first-time parents. With Stockton, we’ve been more content to enjoy each stage as it comes and goes, so our birthday radar wasn’t flashing as brightly.

We had cake, family time, a trip to the zoo, playing outside, and more of our little boy’s favorite things. It’s nice to take out the “almost” when someone asks us how old he is – now he is a whole, full, entire ONE and we love him so much!