Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Destruction, Doom, and Ruin

So a volcano erupted in Lincoln last night (in my dream), sending the city into turmoil and destruction.  With hot magma spraying hundreds of feet into the sky in a mushroom cloud formation and splashing ever closer to our home, all we had time for was to grab our children and the 72-hour kits in the basement and race away in our car to safety. It all felt very Dante’s Peak (look it up).

The dream wasn’t super scary because I knew it was a dream, and we noticed the volcano early enough that even though we had to hurry we were able to escape. The scary part was, when I hurtled downstairs to grab our food storage supplies, WE DIDN’T HAVE ANY, and that part is true in real life. It was the most helpless, doomed feeling. I woke up and rolled over and told Austin at 4:35 in the morning that we needed to make 72-hour kits and work on our food storage. He groggily asked why and I told him a volcano erupted. But he was already asleep.

So, I’m starting slow, but I’m taking steps to be prepared, if not for lava then for some other more realistic emergency. It is SUCH a juicy project! Part of the reason I’m going slow is because I don’t know exactly what I want and I want these kits to be totally usable and convenient. So far all I have are little toiletry bags (I HATE feeling dirty) with all the necessities, little Kleenex packs, and Austin’s daily pills, plus some Advil and a mini first aid kit (why is miniature anything so cute!?). I already feel more prepared. I’m excited to get more things together and put it all in a backpack or two – I like the idea of having a backpack for each member of the family, but with the kids so little still I think we’ll just stick to adult backpacks right now.

What do you put in your kits? Any tips on emergency preparedness or food storage in general? I’m totally clueless but want to run with this jive while I’m feeling it!

Also, watch out for volcanoes. You never know. 

(Also also, I'm posting these blogs at the library, and it might be the worst internet I've ever experienced. So adding pictures is virtually impossible. At this point, I just want to at least post SOMETHING, even if it's not as complete as I'd like.)

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