Friday, December 5, 2014

A Collage of Life

My life is a collage. The same themes (babes with toys, babes in carseats, babes at Target, babes being generally adorable...babes period) are spread around every day but in new and fun or still old but fun ways. We stick to the same types of things - playing, errands, friends, movies - but every day, every hour I laugh at something different, whether it's Natalie streaking by yelling "RUN KEVIN!" from Home Alone or Stockty chewing gleefully on the doll's hand. I'm glad I am not missing a single second of their sillies. I'm glad they want to share their excitement and joy with me, and that they come to me for comfort and love. Being a mom is overwhelming in its emotional depth, especially when you think about all the other millions, billions? of moms who feel the same way about their own but different children. Mwah, babes. I love you.

does it get old watching your children interact (nicely)? i love the top left of natalie showing stockton how to
climb up in the crib, even though she still hasn't managed it herself. he loves her.

even their proximity is precious - they don't have to be playing specifically together, they just gravitate
towards each other. it's one of the reasons i am so glad they are so close in age.

from my aunt and uncle's wedding in 1993 - as twins we got to be the flower girl and ring bearer. i hope
natalie and stockton are as close and have as many memories as my twin brother and i do.
(my dad is on the right with glasses and my mom is in white next to him with my younger bro Max)
it is so fun to share treats with them; I have to be careful not to do it all the time. natalie ran up to me hours later
and even the next day telling me about the "pahsickle at the store wiff mommy and stockty." i think the best part is
that right now she is still grateful instead of greedy and is just happy to have had that fun memory. 
Some extra fun activities we've been up to lately:

my first husker game since 2010, and Austin's first ever! we left at half time having had our fill
of the experience, and then my mom and I saw Mockingjay Part One. a great day.
 We spent a lot of time with my brother Sam before he left on his mission - we miss his presence a LOT but are proud of him and grateful for the experiences he's already had in the past two weeks. We went to Pioneer Park on the outskirts of Lincoln and enjoyed one of the last warm days of the year, rolling down hills, finding tractors and flags, swinging, and playing catch. This was a month and a half ago and we are still reminiscing - family memories are so important!

I love this picture of walking group. Probably one of the last days we
went this year. So much happy chatting!

my cold lunch that sat while I calmed Natalie
after a bonk and warmed milk for Stockton
and then put them both down for naps

"Darth Christmas." After Stockton knocked the tree down last week I told
Natalie that Vader was mad, and now she always looks up at him skittishly when she
passes by haha. 

What a happy collage life is : )

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