Friday, December 5, 2014

A Collage of Natsby

November 2014
so fashionable...for the last week she has refused to wear anything other than dresses
(being nakie is an acceptable alternative.)
someday I'll get rid of the bink...but look at that happy, cozy girl
(notice Egg Friend on the left...he was a reject from my mom's kitchen that Natalie has totally become attached to lol)
2 things she loves: seeing the lobsters and carrying a bag of produce through the store
the other day, she wanted to put the two together and "show pears lobsters."
yup. show the lobsters to the pears. that's my natsby.
my brown-eyed beauty
scarves are one of her favorite accessories to play with. she wraps her head
and says "nice and warm" over and over. 
she loves riding the wrapping paper like a broomstick. she stayed in that position in the top right picture for like 20
seconds before we could move on in the store. then (bottom right) she was telling me she had to "catch the snitch."
WE LOVE THIS GIRL! And, obviously, taking pictures of her. I want to capture every wonderful bit of Natalie essence.

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