Monday, December 8, 2014

Beds and Bruises

My mom scored a racecar bed from a friend and we put it in Stockton's room for "later," but didn't realize how huge it was. It's just a twin box spring and mattress, but the racecar "shell" makes it so much bigger! The kids loved having it in there to play on for a couple weeks, but I was annoyed by how much space it took up, and Natalie had had a streak of difficult nights in the crib recently so I thought I'd move the mattress into her room so she could get used to the idea of a bed. Apparently, there was no "getting used to" necessary: she ran in, saw the bed, climbed in with blankie and kitty and asked me to close the door. I was like alllllllrighty then, let's see how this goes!

And guess what?

She did SO WELL! She didn't climb out once (except on the second night, and then she just stood by the door crack and asked me to come tuck her in (yes, sweet princess girl in cozy jammies with rosy cheeks, I will always tuck you in!). She inherently understood that it was not appropriate to get out of bed and play or to jump on the bed or anything; she doesn't even really play on it during the day, she knows it is for sleeping and I'm so proud of her! Never say never, right? I thought she would be in a crib until she was like 4.

where's natsby?
I love that instead of crawling out of bed in the morning she will quietly call for us to "come be tozee" with her, "in Natawee's bed." Yay for no crib/bed transfer nightmares (yet)! Nap time is even a breeze - she sees me getting Stockton ready for his nap and immediately makes a bee line for her bed. I could probably just let her be, but it's too cozy to go have snuggles together before she falls asleep!

This week has been kind of brutal for the kids - Natalie slipped on an errant book in the living room and vaulted her face into the corner of the coffee table, earning a nice black eye, and Stockton split his lip pretty bad when we took advantage of a nice day outside. Poor babes! It made me self-conscious to go into public with my children looking so beat-up. I'm sure I got some awkward glances.

see the puffiness on the left? : (
Also in recent "incidents," Natalie thought it would be fun to lock Stockton's door and LUCKILY! came out into the hallway before she shut it, effectively locking all of us out. (I am so thankful the children weren't in there! Way more stressful.) As it was, we still felt pretty stuck because no youtube videos, google searches, outdoor window attempts or bobby pins helped us open the stupid door. Our landlord didn't have a key (why is there a key lock on a bedroom door, I'd like to know?) and told us to just use a pipe wrench and literally wrench it open, so we borrowed our neighbor's HUGE pipe wrench and Austin clamped it to the knob and turned until it broke open. It's all squished and mangled, but it's open! We're supposed to replace it and be paid back, but I have no idea how to re-knob a door, so that will be an activity for a more motivated day. The missionaries happened to be over during the scene, and they tried climbing in the attic to see if there was an entrance in the bedroom ceiling, ha! To stay obedient and make sure they could always see and hear each other (missionary rules), the missionary who wasn't in the attic stood with his head popping through the trapdoor, haha. I wish I had taken a picture.

I did, however, take a picture of my raspberry hot chocolate. Mmmmmm.
also, sweet neighbor kids buried in leaves. stacy sent this to me while i was at work.

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