Friday, December 12, 2014

December Days

we're both looking AND smiling at the same time! renetta is a master photographer!
 We have had random nice weather recently and the kids are glorying in it - Stockton is CONSTANTLY trying to escape out the door. When I took stuff to a friend's car earlier after the shower, Stockton was standing outside holding onto the railing in only a onesie, looking so thrilled with himself, ha. I wish I had a picture.
LOVING the leaves in the backyard

friends are fun. also, she still begs for a dress every morning. i use it as a potential reward/punishment now. ("was that a good choice? i guess you don't get to wear a dress anymore.")

 Stockton naps for at least thirty minutes longer than Natalie, (although lately it's been more like an extra hour,) and I love that one-on-one time with my Natsby. She usually wants to be cozy for a little while and then do something fun, like wrapping "presents" or making cookies. I love that we are pals. (I also love the 2+ hour naps she's been taking, and Stockton's 3+ hour marathon naps. Some days I feel like waking them up because I want to hang out, and then I snap out of it...never disturb a sleeping babe!!)

after a Daddy Date at the brary
We've been frequenting the library ("libuhbrary," as Natalie says it) a lot lately, especially for family night or one-on-one outings with Natalie. She especially loves the spinny chairs in the teen zone. She never wants to leave, as you can see in the picture lol.

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