Monday, December 15, 2014

Friendsmasgiving 2014

We like having people over for dinner and do it pretty often, but this season we wanted to raise the bar. Last month I read a random newspaper article about "Friendsgiving," basically Thanksgiving with friends. I thought it was such a fun idea and wanted to host one, minus the turkey. (I feel like you have to be married for ten+ years before even considering making your own turkey. No thanks.) Thanksgiving came and went and then we were into Christmasland, so we decided to combine both holidays into... 


The table was set with effort and care
(Look, do you see the cloth napkins there?)
A single candle was lit and shon bright
Lighting our friends and food, that night
the table (i'm sad I didn't get a better picture, it really was pretty)
 Willy and Natsby, excited to eat
Wiggling their forks and kicking their feet
There too were Renetta, Dan, Mabel Lou
And Ross, Aly, Spencer, and Colt...woohoo!

aren't they the cutest?! natalie lovedddd the ham (and ate so much that she threw up later. lovely.)
 The spread was delicious; the comp'ny divine
We ate and we ate til we felt like land mines [Austin's rhyme]
Then we whipped out dessert: chocolate cake and pie
And the Birdsall's specialty: pavlovah, so fly!
birdsall potatoes, welch rolls, spencer peas, poulsen beans/ham. it was such a delectable palate mixture.
(not pictured: Colt orange juice and, of course, sparkling juice in fancy glasses - wouldn't be the holidays without it!)
What a fun tradition we started this year
We were all grinning from ear to ear
We'll count down the days til it's time again
For Friendsmasgiving: 10 out of 10!

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  1. How am I just seeing this? Def a 10 out of 10. Yummm those pictures are making me hungry for that food! Friendsmasgiving 4eva