Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ode to Target

To celebrate Internet Independence Day (aka WE FINALLY GOT INTERNET) I decided to write an ode.

From an excerpt on the "ode" wikipedia page: An elaborately structured poem praising or glorifying an event or individual.

First subject that came to mind was a dear, old friend.

Ode to Target

My heartbeat picks up and my breathing gets heavy
My brain jumps around like a leaking levee
My excitement I simply cannot keep contained
When a big bullseye Target store comes into range

The signature red makes me feel warm and fuzzy
The lack of the gloom like at Wal-Mart (so scuzzy)
The rotating entrance ceiling displays
It all gives me joy for days upon days

Each trip is a gift that just keeps on giving
There's no end to browsing - it's the height of living
The snacks and the office supplies, home decor
The seasonal aisle and so much more

Dear Target, Oh Target, you're so good to me
You entertain my children mostly for free
We've spent countless hours walking front to back
Checking toys and of course! that great clearance rack

Unfortunately there is one wee downside
My husband is worried about a money landslide
I can't seem to go and then leave without one
Or two or ten items - it's simply not done. 

Thank you, sweet Target, for making me smile
As I walk down your floor caressing each aisle
I'll never betray you or leave you alone
For you are my one and only second home.

Austin's reaction: *courtesy laughs* "nice job"
Austin's real thoughts: "...the money part hits a little too close to home." 

Blogging is back, folks! Next time (in a day or two instead of a month - can't believe it!) I'll get back to a real Peek. Stay tuned!

After spending some time at the Frozen shirts display and avoiding the greeting cards (Natalie has the stickiest fingers around paper products!) we scoot over to say hey to this guy. Natalie thinks he is the best.

(Note: we really do spend hours at Target. Since we are responsible for dropping Austin off at work every morning, I usually like to do something else while we are already out and about. Target is the best option because it opens at 8 and isn't crowded, it's big enough to let Natalie run but refined enough that she knows not to go crazy. The cart straps are loose enough that Stockton loves contorting his body into all sorts of creative positions while we browse - I consider it his morning yoga. I am not a good meal planner so I usually have a grocery or two to get for dinner that night, so it feels like I'm being productive even though most of our time is spent pushing the buttons on the toys and keeping Natalie away from the breakable objects. It's fun seeing Natalie explore and enjoy. She's not old enough to beg me to buy everything and gets so thrilled about simple things like her favorite "shiny one" ornaments and pressing the Elf soundtrack button on the CD display. I think she will be legitimately depressed when "Christmastime" isn't there anymore, poor thing.)

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  1. YAY! I'm so glad you have internet and will be back to blogging! Seriously, I would not like life without it as stupid as that sounds. This target post made me laugh, maybe I should hit that place up more often as an "activity" haha.