Friday, December 12, 2014

Our Favorite Excuse To Get Together (aka a baby shower!)

I feel like this joint shower for good friends (one expecting a boy and one expecting a girl) should really have been called a FREE FOR ALL TODDLERS Shower, ha. It was awesome! We did it during lunch time so all the non-school age kids came and it was cuh-razy, but so fun. It was a GIANT play date and the kids were alllllll over the place. I think in total we had 25 children and 14 adults, and some children even stayed home with daddies so we weren't even all represented. Nuts! We had pizza and cookies and salad (well, at least the adults had salad) and presents and diapers and balloons and fun. Congratulations, friends! It's always a happy occasion to celebrate new babies with our ward family : )

this is just the living room...the bedrooms and basement were taken over too!

the gang : ) love you guys!
p.s. with all the kid craziness etc the puppy chow went mostly unnoticed and i'm secretly glad muahahahaha, more for me! but i'm eating it with a spoon so that i don't get the computer all powdery...i think i'm making more of a mess dropping sugar off the spoon from the plate to my mouth - the chair and my shirt are totally white lol. not.even.mad about it.

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  1. This was such a fun shower, seriously, I absolutely loved it, great job hosting! You had the perfect home for a plethora of children. Also the puppy chow part, HA! I love that you used a spoon, I'm need to use that trick!!!! I way eyeing it the whole time actually. But since I had literally woken up an hour before the shower and JUST easten breakfast I somehow built up enough will power to refrain, ha. You're the best Jessie.