Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pregnancy PSA's

I have two Public Service Announcements regarding getting pregnant, and yes, they resulted in a Mr. Stockton and a Baby #3, so I speak from experience. 

PSA #1: you can (and, if you're me, will) get pregnant even if you're breastfeeding. So much for "natural birth control" for this mama.

PSA #2: you can (and, again for me, will) get pregnant even if you are on your period. Surprise! (tmi?)

"baby loading"
We figured it's been what, almost a year since we had a baby? Probably time to boost our numbers. Ha actually no, we feel very much like Heavenly Father is in control...and also happen to get pregnant very easily (see above). It's kind of weird/exciting/new to think that with this third baby we could be close to being done having children. Or maybe not! I'll have 3 babes before I'm 25 - what?! I feel like this is both a blessing and a curse: blessing to be such a young, healthy, energetic mom, but "curse" because at this rate we'll be the next Duggar family! How weird to imagine moving on to the next stage of parenting and being done with babies. Good thing I'm not there yet!

We are really excited for this baby - and aren't going to find out the gender beforehand! I can't believe I agreed to it, haha. But, we already have a boy and a girl and all the accompanying clothes etc, so might as well make it a surprise! Those who I've talked to who didn't find out (intentionally or not) said it really was fun to anticipate the birth even more to know if they were having a girl or boy. Plus, if I do end up getting a C-section, I think finding out the gender would be like a consolation prize for having to go through with the surgery. (More on that later.)

Due date is officially May 1, induction or c-section would probably be the week previous, so bring on baby #3! (I am twenty weeks tomorrow already and feeling great, for the record)

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