Monday, December 15, 2014

Rainy Days and Mondays

It happened to be both rainy AND a Monday today, but it wasn't as bad as the Carpenters say. We had to go to the store in the morning and then we kind of hibernated. We had lots of cozies with blankies and hot chocolate and Monsters University (Stockton's favorite) and Grinch (Natalie's favorite). 



Isn't it sweet that they wanted to sit together? I promise I didn't even pose them there. They gravitated towards each other and got all settled. Love : )

mommy cozies
 Stockton had bonked his head and wanted loves so I was already cozy with him, but Natalie saw us and decided she needed in on the action. We stuffed ourselves into the chair and snuggled for a few lovely minutes. Warm, cozy, calm children are the best.

first haircut!
I was tired of the unruly rat tail on Natalie's neck, so one day I decided to just go for it and one snip later, VOILA! A drastic difference from just one cut! I was so proud of myself! It looks like she got a whole hair cut, but it was only those few tendrils that were hanging down. Her hair is definitely still unruly but at least it's significantly cuter!

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