Friday, December 5, 2014

Stockton Luke

I've found myself using his first and middle name together more often recently for some reason. Stockton Luke. Has a nice ring to it.

Can you get enough of those warm blue eyes and cheeks of perfection? Stockton continues to bring a very sweet presence in our lives. He's starting to get even more animated and has been very affectionate lately. Whereas silence when Natalie is involved is very suspicious, I never worry if I haven't heard from Stockty in a while. He's always just playing quietly with some toys in a corner. He loves exploring but at the same time is much more cautious than his sister. His walking record is six steps and it might be the cutest thing I've ever seen. Everything came so fast and easy with Natalie - Stockton takes things more slowly and in his own deliberate way. He'll walk when he decides he feels like it, or when he figures out that it is faster than crawling.

He loves climbing up slides with his socks off and then sliding down on his tummy as soon as he reaches the top. He could eat mac and cheese every meal, every day. He still loves his bottle but tolerates a sippy cup, especially with warmed milk (which Natalie has started asking for at bedtime so she can "be like stockty," which is super cute.) He hardly ever complains, unless you're not feeding him fast enough. He adores his blankie and going through the DVD drawer. Natalie thinks it's hilarious when we call him "Stockton the Destroyer," even though she is easily wayyy more destructive than him. He still sleeps well and doesn't mind being in the car. He split his lip outside earlier today and only cried for a minute or two, then calmed right down with blankie and mommy snuggles (I felt like I needed blankie and mommy snuggles, I thought he was going to have to get stitches but he's totally fine.)

He still loves jumping on our bed and giving so many kisses. I hope he always stays so soft and friendly and happy. I think he has his daddy's silly and dry sense of humor. He loves to fake laugh along with us which always makes us laugh harder. I am so glad this wonderful boy is in our family!!

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