Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Sigh of Relief

Actually, MULTIPLE sighs and prayers of gratitude: I have my happy children back!!! Everyone is feeling great (even Stockton, with a tooth or two coming in) and it has been considerably easier going this week. YAYAYAYAY!

 Stockty: happy with a book, a snat, or just crawling on Mommy

Natalie is still heavy into the wearing dresses phase, which is great, but I feel bad for her other cute clothes that sit in their drawers, waiting patiently for their chance to be worn.

 In seeming coordination with the mood of our house, the cold weather lifted this week too in favor of sunny skies and less frigid temperatures. I think this every year, but isn't it funny how after weeks of 0-20 degree weather, 30-40 degree weather seems warm? We're kind of kidding ourselves. Some days were actually in the 50s though, which was extra wonderful! We took advantage with walks and park outings.

probably the most glorious day - we stayed at our little neighborhood "park"
for what seemed like hours!

pals : ) 

swing duty with Stockton and Mabel while the (other) adults played tennis
The weather is getting back to its regular cold self now (it is January, after all) but the Poulsens are still feeling sunny and bright. Thank goodness! I emailed both of my missionary brothers the night after I posted the blog about tantrums and asked them to pray for us, and it really was miraculous how I could tell a tangible difference immediately after reading each of their emails the next day - my children were more responsive, I felt more patient and loving, and I was so grateful that I could tell their prayers in my behalf were being actively answered. There is strength in asking family/friends for help! 

rosy cheeks and smiles after a cozy naptime

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