Monday, January 5, 2015


Christmas was so nice this year - it was nice and long since we celebrated a few separate times with different family members, so it was extra festive, and we didn't travel so we had none of that stress...I think we'll make that a holiday habit! We feel so lucky and blessed that our families are so close. We'll save vacation time and money for the nicer summer months! (Although not this year, with a new baby. It still hasn't hit me that baby #3 is coming!)
Christmas with the Plumbs - they brought giant tubs of presents that Natalie immediately took care of depositing under the tree. We ordered fancy pizza (Yia-Yia's in Lincoln - too pricey, but delicious!)  Natalie LOVES her princess dress.

a favorite present from Jack
watching Toy Story with Buzz - perfect
Christmas jammies! 

there's a great house our friends found that
does synchronized music/lights - we took the kids
and let them get out and be in the front of the car...
they loved it!
Christmas Eve with the Poulsens - China Buffet, movies and games til midnight, candlelight Bible reading, and
poppyseed cake, the best!

Christmas morning! It was cute to see the kids together with their presents.
We didn't get them much but Natalie loves her Woody and Stockton got
a finger puppet book that makes him laugh

presents at the Poulsen/Aunt Afton the baby whisperer
Our families were so generous to the kids - they got lots of new toys and clothes and books and movies. They got so many things that they weren't really interested in presents after the first few - they were content to enjoy the few they had already opened! Thanks everyone!
new Christmas tradition? Basketball at the church while the kids played with wipes 

I love this picture of present mayhem. So festive and delightful. Everyone enjoying their things together. 
Ahh, Christmas. The worst part of the holidays being over is that Target and Barnes and Noble go back to their normal hours. Sad day. Until next year!

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