Thursday, January 29, 2015

Grammy Beeeeeeee!

After seeing recent pictures of her two great-grandchildren over Christmas break, my Grammy Bee decided it was necessary to come and see them in person since we weren't going to make it to Utah any time soon. We've had such a good time seeing each other this week - I'm so grateful she came and got to know the kids better! There are more pictures floating around on other phones and cameras that I'll add later, but mostly I just want to remember how much love Grammy Bee showed for my children. I hope that I can pass on some of my love for this best-of-the-best woman to my children.

 It was a little surreal listening to my beloved grandmother reading out loud in her perfect reading voice that I remember from growing up, but this time with MY daughter on her lap. These moments are precious!

cozies with Annie when they came and made dinner for us on Sunday!

 Natalie got to go on a fun late-night outing to Papillion with me the night after Gbee came into town. We drank orange juice, read some books, colored at the little table, made brownies with Pop-Pop, and Grammy Bee admired her great-granddaughter. (We saw her for a brief dinner when we were in Utah in July, but other than that it had been since March 2014 that Gbee got to really spend extended time with my children.)

My mom took work off one morning to come hang out in Lincoln, and we also went up on another morning when my mom had a break from school for one more rendezvous, this time with Stockton. We have so much fun at Mimi's house! (The whole 50-minute ride up there Natalie reminds us in loud squeals "WE'RE GOING TO MIMI'S HOUSE!" and she knows when "WE'RE ALMOST THERE!!" We got to do lunch and then Jack came home for his work break to see his niece and nephew.

...will a third carseat fit?

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