Tuesday, January 6, 2015

He Walks!

 Finally! It took 15 months and the doctor saying that if he wasn't walking soon he would have to come in for a "developmental checkup" before we really pushed this guy to walk, but he was ready and excited! I feel bad, it was probably 97% our fault because we have been so lax in encouraging him to progress. By that I mean that he is so content and chill that we haven't been worried about pushing him like we were with Natalie - since she was our first we were eager for every milestone (plus she was so curious about everything and naturally wanted to try new things), but with Stockty we're much more relaxed about it with a "he'll (walk/talk/etc) when he wants to" attitude. In just a week he went from purely crawling to taking full steps across rooms and standing up from the floor on his own, all because we were engaged in his progression. I don't feel like we've been neglecting him necessarily, but it is a good reminder to set high expectations and put effort into development instead of only letting things unfold naturally, although of course there is a balance.
Christmas cozies with Anthony

It is so fun seeing him come towards you on two legs instead of all fours! His communication and listening have also improved dramatically in the past week. We often read to him and talk to him of course, but once we were reminded to actually attempt to teach him words and have him repeat sounds, etc, he blossomed! Our bright, intelligent Stockton is shining through and it is very gratifying and fun. He is so proud of himself! I think it's made him more tired and a little more sensitive as well - he also has a giant appetite like Natalie and seems more clingy. Lots of changes and developments in our household lately, it seems like!

Stockton loves to climb and close doors. He loves escaping to his bedroom and playing with the toys in there forever without being interrupted. I love peeking in and seeing him moving blocks around and pressing buttons on toys. He still has a very sweet temperament, but he is definitely getting a little more wily. He reminds everyone of Austin, in looks and personality, and that makes me happy. He could jump on the bed all day long and easy mac is still his favorite food. We're working on the bottle/sippy transition and also giving him less milk, and I think it's actually improving his sleep when he has less milk during the day. He slept through the next last night! That's not a first, but we still don't take it for granted.

We love our handsome Stockton Luke - I'm so glad that he is part of our family. One of the best parts of the day is about half an hour before his bedtime when we let both the kids have "nakie time" and set them free wearing only diapies. They LOVE it and are so happy and squealy and rambunctious. They gravitate towards each other more lately and play peekaboo, etc. Stockton follows his sister around and tries to do what she does, and Natalie comes over when Stockton is reading or playing and gets down on his level to say "hi Stockty." Heart-melter! We can't get enough of these beautiful babes : )

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