Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year!

I feel like I say this every time but it's so true - TIME IS FLYING! It's already January 5th, TWO THOUSAND FIFTEEN! We had a grand 2014 and hopes are high for 2015. New baby, Austin starting at UNL, losing weight (after three kids, I think it's time!), a brother and sister returning from missions and another leaving, and more of the day to day homemaking that defines my life and brings us so much joy (amidst the less exciting frustrations and impatience).

I spent New Year's Eve in Omaha with my mom and it was awesome! So nice to have some one-on-one time. We went to Target (of course), had dinner at a potentially bad Mexican place that turned out to be delicious, went to the party that my dad's band was playing at (with some old folk who were LOVING the dancing,) and then just chatted at home. I almost stayed the night, but I wanted to sleep in my own bed, so I left at midnight and had to stop once on the way home because I was sooooo tired. I have never been a night owl, but even less so now that I am a parent!

As I've been cleaning out closets and getting rid of stuff, Natalie has had a blast pilfering random items and playing with them. Stockton's shark hat was a big hit one day.

haha I love her faces. She is sitting next to me while I'm writing this and she just said "four Natalie's! there's another one, and another one!"
she loved playing on the slide when we brought it inside

brother sister time

Stockton's two favorite things: playing in boxes and dismantling my night stand lamp

 reading in the car and being cozy in her ladybug quilt
 Stockton loves this page with babies on it, and also trying to decimate the blinds every chance he gets

my mom and I covet it every time we go to
Target but don't have an actual NEED
to buy it. too bad our birthdays are months away!
Also, I neeeeeed a new camera, or a new phone, or both. I hate the crappy pictures that my phone takes, but they are better than nothing. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

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