Sunday, January 18, 2015


(I wrote this post on Tuesday the 13th and for some reason it didn't get posted then, so here it is now in its belated glory.)

I just wrote this whole long saga about the last few days at our house and then realized no one really cares about the ins and outs of us being sick, so I erased it - basically, it has been a very challenging, sleep-deprived, full of laundry, kleenex, crying, clean-up, coughing, fevers, and tylenol weekend. Actually, make that extended weekend, since this has been going on since Thursday night and is still continuing this Tuesday afternoon. Everyone is well now except for Natalie, and she is wayyyyy better than before, so we are in recovery mode. THANK GOODNESS. Our FHE lesson last night was on Priesthood Blessings since Natalie saw Austin give me one and was talking about it all day. I don't think we would have made it through the day without that blessing!

finally asleep one afternoon. i think sleeping babies are even more precious when they have been sick!
 Two separate days - typical Stockton being a champ while Natalie rests. I think her 
body might have made a permanent imprint on the couch.

 bear, kitty, blankie, bink. 
Natalie might have spent more time on the couch the past few days than the rest of her life combined. The routine: at some point in the early morning when we give up trying to keep her asleep in her crib, we bring the pink bear rug onto one side of the couch, load her up with the cozy necessities, and turn a movie on until she falls asleep or at least is calm enough to let us doze on the other side of the couch.

She couldn't let me be gone from her side for more than thirty seconds so she brought her cozies into the bathroom and assumed the position. Heaven forbid I use the restroom.

Things are looking up though and I am grateful to the different people who have stepped in to help - my dad offered Chinese food and moral support on Friday, friends have offered social outlets, my mom came on Saturday, and we had lots of helping hands at the Poulsens Sunday night. Thank goodness we are hardly ever sick - I almost always give gratitude for good health when I pray because it truly is one of the biggest blessings we enjoy.

This guy has been such a trooper! He was sick one morning but has been so great at just entertaining himself and making my life easier. Even though I'm pretty sure he's teething. 

I love when he comes to see me for some cozies and love, taking advantage of a rare moment that Natalie isn't draped over me. What a sweet boy. 

 He was having so much fun rampaging the kleenex box the other day that I let him at it, especially since I was still trying to restore my energy after a long sleepless night. I think we still have kleenex shreds in our living room.

Plus those Woody jammies. Come on. (Thanks Makae!)

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