Thursday, February 19, 2015

Get On My (Their) Level

I'm a couch-sitter these days. I'm getting enough sleep (if that's ever possible) but my body has less energy to work with lately. So, I sit. At least, that's what I always feel like doing. If I get up, it's for a really good reason. Today, that reason was relocating to the floor to play with the kids. It didn't really take THAT much more effort, I mean I was sitting on the floor instead of on cushions. But it made a huge difference for my children. They were more active, more excited, and more bright-eyed with Mommy on their level - they loved that I was clearly there for their benefit instead of distracted doing other things on the couch or in the kitchen. We played Mommy Mountain (Natalie climbed up on me, I "avalanched" her off), Princess Knee (ha, we put the princess crown on different body parts and pretended it was royalty), lots of peekaboo and hiding under blankets, and just fun together time, wrestling, laying, and enjoying. I loved being so close to their little sweet faces - their eyes are so different! They are definitely two separate individuals with their own identities and personalities.

 my cozy little princess. eventually Stockton came over and had a blast trying to find Natalie hiding in the covies. she made him giggle so hard he got the hiccups. 

"Do my bidding!"
Mostly it was a good reminder that it doesn't take pinterest, google, or fancy toys, or even a premeditated plan to have a fantastic time with your children - you just need to get on their level and let them dictate the play.

(It's not like I never play with my children of course - we play all day! But this was just a particularly memorable moment.)

Lately Natalie has been hiding under the table every time Daddy comes home - he pretends to look for her all over until she gets impatient and says in a small voice, "under here!!!" Then he "surprises" her and she gets a huge kick out of the whole thing.

More playing this week:
my burritalie

 Judge me for screen time infraction, but I think little Stockty sitting like that watching his girl Rapunzel is so cute. Also, siblings playing together will always be my favorite.
he climbed in all by himself - I turned the vacuum on and when he didn't come running to "help" me I went looking for him and found him here. he was very proud of himself and did NOT want to get out, even to vacuum.
 I love watching them play - Stockton was having a blast playing with his little alligator toy above and below the glass, and Natalie is loving the Tangled sticker book she got from a friend. I'm glad they do well playing with others but also are very independent.

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