Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mommy Thoughts: Baby #3

This morning I woke up and Baby #3 was doing some of the most extreme acrobatics I've felt out of any pregnancy so far - I had Austin roll over and put his hand on my bouncing stomach, and we lay there like that feeling close to each other and our newest child. It was a lovely way to greet the morning, and it's been on my mind all day.

I don't often actively think about what it will be like when this baby is born since I mostly feel normal with this pregnancy and I have two other children to keep me occupied. I don't have the pregnancy apps on my phone or keep tabs on the "April Due Dates" group online, I forget when my appointments are until the day before, and other than, you know, this growing belly that gets in the way, life is mostly the same as it has been for a while. When I was pregnant with Natalie, I did the opposite of everything I just listed: I knew which fruit she was the size of, I could have told you the exact day of my gestation, I counted down the hours til my next appointment, and I spent probably way too much time (and money) thinking about when this baby would arrive and what life would be like.

I don't think it's anything against future children if you are less attentive to later pregnancies - you just have already done it at least once and sort of know the drill. Not to mention you have an older child or children to take care of already, so you're automatically more distracted. I remember feeling this way when I was pregnant with Stockton, too, and at first I felt kind of bad since I thought I was giving him less attention (which is a little ridiculous since he was still in the womb) but then I let it go and went with the flow of life, and it seemed more natural. It's actually kind of fun this way because when you do suddenly have a reality check you get all excited again. "I'm really having another baby, wow!"

This time is slightly different, though, because now there will be more children than adults in our family. With Natalie, parenting felt like a tap-out (YOUR TURN), with Stockton it was more of a trade-off (k let's switch babes) and now it will be like a shuffle (who needs the most immediate attention?). I think I'm in a little bit of denial. I've been thinking in terms of being pregnant, not having a baby, if that makes sense, and then more and more lately I sort of snap out of it and realize YO you're going to have a THIRD CHILD, someone completely new and needy and individual in your family! Are you ready!?

I think we are ready logistically - we've discussed bedroom arrangements, family help after the baby is born, and we already have all the necessities from our other children. (We don't know the gender so I don't know which clothes to set out, but that won't be hard to do when we get home. Actually, Mom, you can do that while we're in the hospital. Deal?) We've thought about what to do about our car situation (still pending) and have names picked out for a boy (secret!) and girl (choosing between two).

I think we're getting closer to being ready emotionally - we won't truly know how our family dynamic will change until we bring the baby home. It will be weird (but great!) to add a newborn to our mix of toddlers. Will we hibernate all summer? Will I go crazy being stuck at home? How will the other kids react to a new baby? Will this baby be a good sleeper like Stockton or a...ahem...less than good sleeper like Natalie? WILL IT BE A GIRL OR BOY!?

I would categorize our preparedness at this point as "pleasant anticipation." We're enjoying life as it rolls along and will figure out our new lives when baby #3 arrives in less than three months.

is there room for a third!?

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