Thursday, February 19, 2015

Outings and In-ings

Seriously though, how cute is she? She's been dying for a pair of sunglasses and Target finally had a summer display with lots of choices - Natsby was thrilled! She likes that they are "like Mommy's."

It's rare that we make a trip to my parents' house without playing on the deck, no matter how cold it is. They love playing with basketballs - it's funny to see them pick them up and not know what to do with them except drop them and then go pick them up again, ha.

I desperately needed an outing and some exercise the other day, so Natalie and I braved the cold one day after Daddy got home and we had a great time! She had hot chocolate in her sippy and I put music on for us to jam to and it was just what we needed. On our typical loop we get to a certain point where I usually let her out to walk, so sure enough we got there and she was excited to get out and "walk wiff Mommy!" It was fun girl time. : ) 

Also, as girls we got to go to the Lego Movie at a local movie theater - Natalie's first movie experience! If you ask her how it was she says, "it was huge!" She thought the screen was a giant computer. We sat on the side right next to the aisle so she could sort of roam and meander about while still staying close - we made it through the whole movie, and of course shared treats the whole time. I don't think she's quite ready for another big screen outing yet, but this was a fun first try!

giant valentine's day donut!
The "in-ings" part of this post's title is in reference to germs getting crazy around here, especially at church - several kids have come down with pertussis in our ward so I took my kids to get checked just in case and sure enough Natalie's test was positive even though she doesn't seem sick. They are both on antibiotics (Stockton just as a preventive measure) and doing perfectly fine, but we are confined to the house and I'm bored and starved for the outside world. I will have to have a Jessie escape tomorrow. (Also, we are officially avoiding nursery for the next week or two, or maybe more. I don't think people are bringing sick children in on purpose, but the spread of germs is unavoidable with so many little people together, especially since two other wards meet before us and get their grime all over the toys. Another strike for 1:00 church.)

new block toys lined up in a satisfying wall, except a yellow one is missing, grr
(that's what you get for buying used, I guess)
My homeboys Shawn and Gus are keeping me company tonight since it's that time of the week again (bowling night) and I am feeling lonely and pathetic. I NEED A HOBBY/LIFE. I want to join a club or weekly activity of some sort but can't think of what except workout classes, but I won't start that until the summer. I guess I'll just sit on the couch, watch another episode of Psych, and enjoy my Lucky Charms.

(Also, for the record, I've made great progress on my t-shirt quilt. Post to come when I am finished, hopefully by next week!)

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