Thursday, February 5, 2015


I love when Stockton follows Natalie around the house. Sometimes he does it like he's chasing her, other times he just casually makes his way over to wherever she is. Natalie mostly doesn't notice, or is on to the next activity already and Stockton has to change course. His favorite is during nakie time (6:30-7pm, their favorite part of the day) when her belly button is exposed. He focuses hilariously hard on poking her belly button with his middle finger (yeah, he prefers that finger to his pointer, weird) and Natalie doesn't get mad but she doesn't really like it haha. We get such a kick out of watching this daily dance of him following her, finger outstretched.

he likes poking her with clothes on, too. i like how this collage tells the story: him trying to be stealthy "oh don't mind me, i'm just standing here..." then "POKE!" and "run away, run away giggling!" 
One day when we were playing in the backyard we discovered that our sled works just as well in leaves as snow so the kids had a BALL riding down our little hill and climbing back up. Natalie did an admirable job pulling the sled up with her, and Stockton did an admirable job just handling the hill on his little legs, haha.

how precious are they? i told natalie that she needed to protect stockton on the sled, and this is what she did <3

 Stockton's FAVORITE toy. He'll put those horsies on the track over and over again. It's a great distraction when I'm trying to get something done. It's fun when Natalie (and Aunt Annie!) join in playing, too.

i just thought they were so cute here, contemplating life while eating their breakfast. 
 lounging while reading; having a conversation with the panda toy, and playing peekaboo, his FAVORITE!

you can't see his face or hear his cackles but he lights UP when we peek with him. he can't get enough!

I've said this before but I still really enjoy the half an hour or so that I get alone with my Natsby each afternoon while Stockton finishes his nap - we get to be silly or calm or eat a treat or tell secrets and be cozy. She is so busy and lovely and smart. 

in the top right picture she is saying "fiffer feffer feff!" (she has Dr. Seuss's ABC memorized, she loves it!)
 left: looking so grown up, sitting at the table enjoying a snat; 
right: making sure all is well outside from her favorite perch

my heart SWELLS for this girl

i found her like this one afternoon, ha.
she was playing with a flashlight and wanted some
dark, i guess. 
remember Larry the Lightbulb from a few weeks ago?
here is the picture evidence haha

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