Tuesday, February 10, 2015


We took advantage of a warm morning before the snow melted to do a little backyard sledding with our friends (thanks for the idea, Birdsalls!). It was actually really successful!

 Stockton was hungry so unless he was sledding, he wasn't very happy. I put him in a quarantine box in the picture on the top left for some quiet time...it didn't really work. What DID work though was using the lid of a big storage bin for another sled, at least for the lightweight kids. I recommend trying it!

 Stockton LOVED sledding. I got my workout fetching him from the bottom of the "hill" and bringing him and the sled up in the slushy snow 100 times. Natalie mostly just played in the snow, having "snowball fights" with herself haha. Renetta made it farthest down the hill!

Next time it snows, you can bet we'll be back there sledding away again!

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