Thursday, February 5, 2015


We welcomed February in with two big snow storms. Our world is white and beautiful!

backyard, frontyard, street view. isn't it gloriously beautiful?
playing in the snow outside....and inside!

she looks mad, but it was her fake smile. natsby is a snow queen!
with hot chocolate afterwards, of course. stockton mostly
stood watch by the door as austin stalwartly cleared our driveway.
the top left picture is where we got stuck leaving the poulsens...i've never gotten stuck before!

It started snowing Saturday afternoon and pretty much didn't stop until Sunday was cancelled (I can't remember the last time that happened, and we're even at 1 o' clock!) and the roads were terrible but we braved them to get to the Poulsens for Austin's birthday celebration. He wouldn't miss the traditional BBQ Chicken Pizza for anything! : )

School and work were cancelled on Monday, so we got to spend the day inside together. We didn't feel like it was safe enough to take the kids out, but Austin and I took turns taking Eddy, our trusty snow car (and also semi junky so it didn't really matter if it was bumped into), on individual outings...he went to Barnes and I went to Hy Vee. By the end of the day we were all sooooo stir crazy so we decided to take the kids out after all and ran around the gym at the church. SUCH A GOOD PLAN, folks, holy cow we needed that activity! The kids felt so free, running around and exploring new territory and not being cooped up at home. It was delightful!
I love how the ball seems as big as Stockton, but he valiantly carried it all around the gym,
stopping to "shoot" or "pass" every now and then
Tuesday was actually pretty warm, but then we woke up to fresh snow and cancelled work on Wednesday morning, so even though Austin had classes in the morning, he was home in the afternoon and we enjoyed another snow day! I snuck away to Target for a Jessie outing and it was the best - I haven't been to Targ in ages (okay like two weeks - but for me, that IS ages!) so everything looked fresh and undiscovered and wonderful. Ahhh.

finally! I don't have to break the noodles in half!
and it's still in a one-pound box. perfect!
I insisted on shoveling the driveway this time since I wanted to be helpful (but I lucked out since Wednesday's snow was light and fluffy as opposed to the wet and heavy snow Austin got to deal with on Sunday, he he) and this is going to sound weird, but it felt so good! I felt active and energized and exercised, not to mention proud of the visible work I had accomplished. AND, best part: I slept super well last night! Austin told me I should go shovel the backyard later to reap the same benefits. I'm not sure I'll go that far, but I do want to do more physical activity every day since it really helped my body!

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  1. I know I don't comment enough becseu usually I read your blog on my phone and it's hard to comment on that. BUT yes to all the snow stuff! We're loving it all over here too! Awesome idea at going over to the church to get out some wiggles. We need to do that too. We should also do that more often as a group of moms during the day on cold days.