Thursday, February 12, 2015

What to Do on a Thursday Night?

Austin joined a student bowling league with guys from our ward, and they bowl every Thursday night for 8 weeks. He is having an absolute BLAST, which is great, but for some reason I always feel a little forlorn when he leaves for this particular activity. Last week to get rid of my malaise I did our taxes (nothing like a fat refund to cheer me up!) and today as I was thinking about what to do while Austin was gone and the kids were sleeping I remembered the long-lost t-shirt quilt project I started two years ago. I borrowed a sewing machine (thanks, Aly!) and put the kids to bed aaaaaand now I'm sipping orange juice, smelling my DiGiorno cooking in the oven, and definitely NOT sewing. Yet. It only makes sense to wait until after I eat the messy pizza, riiiight?

I've been in my longest "literary lethargy" yet the past month or two - I haven't been able to really connect, be inspired by, or just truly enjoy any book for a while. I've tried nonfiction, short books, long books, tween fic, books by authors I've liked in the past, Austin's type of books, and NYT bestsellers, and I haven't had any luck. This lethargy has come and gone in the past (when the kids are extra needy, when I finished a fantastic book and can't imagine that another one will stand up to it, when I need more sleep, etc) but it's never lasted quite this long. I even started two books AND DIDN'T FINISH THEM! That never happens. A third book I read one-third and then skipped to the end. So I finally dragged myself out of the depths of reading despair and chose a book that I knew I would feast on: the second Lockwood and Company book, "The Whispering Skull." Have you heard of this series? They are witty, clever, a little dark for my usual tastes (I usually don't read it before I fall asleep, I scare easily), and completely original books that we have totally gobbled up. Check out the first one, "The Screaming Staircase," and don't knock it until you've read it. And don't read it after dark.

In other news, I scheduled my c-section! Dun dun dunnnnnn! I've pretty much known that we would decide on the C since I got pregnant this time but I've struggled to commit because, well, surgery is scary! And the whole experience is a big unknown. And I've enjoyed the birth experiences of my previous two babies and I don't want this one to feel different. The list goes on. But all of us - myself, Austin, my OB, and a specialist - agree that in the interest of preserving my, ahem, lower "area" it is a much better choice to go with the C. SO, we begin the countdown to April 24th! Hoorah!

My pizza is done (and completely delicious) so I guess I don't have an excuse not to attempt my sewing project anymore. .......wish me luck!


  1. Putting my 3 littles to bed by myself feels like the hardest thing in the world. It's just so hard for me because they're all so needy and surprise you with (bad) things every night, I un-look forward to Thursdays, it's CRAP, excuse my french. We need some scheduled girl nights REAL bad. i totally have a bunch of T-shirts in my basement for one of those T-shirt quilts…not gonna start on that anytime soon so kudos to you. And YAY for C!!!!! I'll put it on my calendar and will be rooting for ya. Get a belly binder while in the hospital, I've heard from a bunch of twin moms that it's super helpful, you'll rock it

  2. I know the feelings--literary lethargy, husbandless bedtime, and sliced open stomach. You are a brave, strong woman! I have faith in you. I've never had a c-section, but I have had stomach surgery and it HURTS! At least you won't have pain in the stomach AND in the you-know-where! Or any labor at all! There are plenty of awesome things about c-sections. Everyone I've known who's had a scheduled one says it's awesome.

    As for the literary lethargy, BAH! I'm in it too! You took the words right out of my mouth. Our book club chose The Boys in the Boat this month. It's a true story about the University of Washington rowing team at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. I'm about 30 pages in and it's pretty interesting so far. I'm not GRABBED by it yet, but it's good.

    I made 2 t-shirt quilts when I was pregnant with Jay. Quilts are BIG and unwieldy. Jeff loves his, shoddy sewing job and all, haha. Did yours work?