Wednesday, March 25, 2015


An excerpt of an email I sent my missionary brother Max last week:

1:00 church might be the death of me. Usually our kids go down for naps between 12-12:30, and sleep for 2-3 hours. Obviously that doesn't work on Sundays, so we try to put them down for naps earlier, which only works like a third of the time and ends up being more stressful anyway. Plus, we still usually have to wake them up to get to church on time which means they are cranky, because who likes being woken up from naps? Then Sacrament Meeting is a wrestling match, trying to keep the kids contained, quiet, and keep ourselves sane. We basically bring about 12 different snacks (today we brought: a banana, a bagel with cream cheese, a bag of goldfish, two suckers, a water bottle, a sippy with milk, and some leftover crumbs from last week. Everything was eaten by the end of Sacrament Meeting) and just continually stuff food in their mouths to keep them happy and quiet. Then we either brave nursery or go home because we're exhausted and the kids are freaking out because they are tired. BEEEEP. If I have to play organ or Austin has to sub for a class it's ten times worse. Like today, I had to play organ but when I got up to play Natalie started shrieking and only quieted down when Austin shoved a sucker in her mouth, but she still yelled MOMMY intermittently. Then I wasn't paying attention and Stockton fell off the bench right before the closing song, so I took him out for the initial calm down but had to go right back in to play and as soon as I handed him off to Austin he started screaming and then Natalie started completely freaking out and here I am trying to play beeping Teach Me To Walk in the Light and I'm totally hating my life and my children are nazguls and everyone is watching me and Austin to see how we are handling the situation. Bless my sweet friend, she got up to take Stockton so Austin only had to deal with Natalie. But OH MY GOSH it was such a train wreck nightmare. BEEEEEEEEP. Srsly.

And his response:
The first paragraph of this email makes me never want to have children hahahah!!! Remind me to buy a mini wiener dog and wait on a wife for a while when I come home!! I'm pretty shaken after hearing about that sacrament experience....*shiver*

I was not exaggerating: it really is that bad most of the time haha. This too shall pass, right? But while I was reflecting on this experience and laughing with my family about it, it occurred to me that soon we'll be bringing three children to church. Three children to everywhere! Three three three. I guess it never really hit me like that, and now I'm a little panicked. How will we manage with three under three? THREE UNDER THREE, ARE WE MAD? Yiiiiiiiikes. Sorry in advance to everyone at church - I promise we are doing the best we can, ha! I probably won't even brave church for weeks this time...normally I am dying to get out of the house after having a baby but I'll be in c-section land this time and since I don't relish the idea of church-wrangling even when I'm NOT trying to recover from surgery, I'll probably put it off for a good while. I promise I still believe the church is true.

Back to three - we'll have THREE CHILDREN. At completely different and needy stages. Natalie is rambunctious and loud and fun and sensitive, Stockton is calmer but has a mischievous side and isn't talking yet, and we have yet to see the demeanor of the new baby but he or she will come with all the joys (work) of a newborn, so we at least know that going in. I'm envisioning situations like this: Natalie won't come upstairs unless I go down there and play with her but the baby is nursing and Stockton is climbing all over me (and the baby) to try to get some attention and I haven't showered in three days and I still can't do much since my abs are ripped apart.

OR: Austin is at school and no one is available to come help me take the baby to his/her checkup so I have to start getting ready to leave an hour early because I'm still moving really slowly and Natalie has to be coaxed into putting her shoes on (or, let's be real, I won't even have changed her out of her jammies/night diaper yet so she isn't even close to putting shoes on), Stockton will be ready to go but accidentally/on purpose spill something all over himself and the carpet when Natalie is having a tantrum because she wanted pink shoes, not blue, and the baby will be unusually starving that day so I'll have to drop everything and nurse while watching Natalie and Stockton now play in whatever Stockton spilled earlier since I still haven't cleaned it up, and by the time I wrangle all the children into their carseats and sit down and take a deep breath I'll be super sweaty and even though I finally showered that morning it certainly won't look like it. AND I still have the whole doctor's appointment to get through. And I didn't eat breakfast.

OR: Austin gets home from work and I lock myself in my room for a fifteen-minute cry/nap and then order pizza for dinner.

Nah, I'm not so pessimistic, but I know it will certainly be crazy for a while. Who am I kidding, it will always be crazy. Good thing I am bursting with love for these happy children of mine! (And that I have the greatest husband in the universe.)

And now for some pictures of these little hooligans:

 We tried to do a photo shoot since they were so cute on Sunday, and even matched!, but they were like "nah, we don't have a single picture where we're both looking at the camera and smiling so we might as well not take one now either." No wonder we don't have any professional family pictures (although we will this fall - that was my only new year's resolution!).

don't get me wrong, my children are obviously photogenic...

just not exactly cooperative yet : ) but I love how the "outtakes" capture their little (big) personalities and relationship
Will we ever get a perfect family picture? Add #3 to the mix and the odds continue to go down haha. I don't know how people do it!

daddy/daughter date to Barnes - aren't they cute?

Stockton LOVES this crown/whatever it's called (remember buying this at the Ren Fair for me, Ananda?) and I think it is so funny every time he comes out of Natalie's room wearing it. HA! I'm sure we'll tease him about this looking back.

Natalie's art
Natalie has now lost coloring privileges for a few days because of one (or four) too many marker-on-unapproved-surface incidents, but she still loves pointing to her pictures on the wall and saying "look at my projects!"
dun dun DUNNNN
We have this theory that Stockton intentionally leaves the popper where he thinks Austin will trip over it. I've never had issues with it, but Austin probably runs into it/stubs his toe/stumbles on it daily. I hadn't seen the popper in a few days and went to get something from the top shelf of the coat closet and what do you know, the popper had been put on probation up there haha. Austin's nemesis.

We got this book for Christmas and it has been so awesome! It's not a child's book in that it has way more words than pictures and reads as a paraphrased version instead of at a child's level, but Natalie LOVES it. As in, can't get enough. She will point to the pictures and tell us who it is or what's going on. She knows so many of the stories and it is so cool! Her favorite story is King Noah/Abinadi for some reason, but she also frequents the Liahona page and one with a picture of Jesus healing a sick child. Listening to her little voice tell us about Jesus and the familiar stories of the Book of Mormon (imagine her saying "Zeezrom" - so cute) is so wonderful and I love the spirit it brings into our home. She likes the board book we have about the Book of Mormon and also a lift-the-flap Bible stories book, but this is by far her favorite.

I asked Austin for an Oreo (there are two though because whoever heard of having a single Oreo?) and he asked if my stomach could catch them. Answer: yes. I think this baby is already big enough to come out, ha.

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  1. All of your kid situations--the real one from church and the forecasting post-baby ones--made me laugh so much! It's insane that any parent would EVER judge another parent based on how their young children act! And that ward of yours had better swoop in and take care of cleaning and cooking for way more than a few paltry days after your c-section! I can only imagine having two younger kids to take care of in addition to a baby while trying to recover from a sliced open stomach. The slicing hurts and it's one of those things that you can't just ignore to help your kids. Good thing you are amazing enough to handle it all! Oh, and we got that same Book of Mormon illustrated book for Christmas too, and Jay ADORES it too! I love it. :)