Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Happy Week

My mood has been so boosted the past week with the BEAUTIFUL weather Nebraska has bestowed upon us. It's like our humble state is apologizing for the terrible months of winter frigidity and is asking forgiveness with perfect sunshine, cool breezes, and consistent temperatures in the high 60s. THANK YOU!

Other things that are making me happy lately:

Hy-Vee pears (fresh). I can't get enough. I buy some every time I go to the store and they are gone that day or the next. SO DELICIOUS, especially after they've been refrigerated.

Big Hero 6. We watched this movie with some friends a couple weeks ago and the kids LOVED it, so I thought it would be fun to buy when we have the new baby...a week later, Natalie still hadn't stopped talking about "starfish movie" (she thinks the robot at the beginning looks like a starfish) so I caved when she grabbed it at Target and now we haven't watched a different movie in days, except...

Guardians of the Galaxy. I finally watched the movie everyone has been glowing about, and at first I wasn't as impressed as I thought I'd be, but the more I think about it the more funny it gets. I think the opening scene when he is dancing through the ruins of that building listening to that song is so great - in fact, I popped the dvd in my computer for background noise before I started to blog/do other computery things because the soundtrack is so enjoyable!

BACKYARDDDDDD. Can I write this one eight more times? I had four must-haves on my list when we were looking for rental houses, and a fenced-in backyard was one of them...thank goodness I didn't settle because even a mansion wouldn't be worth it without an enclosed yard. We have already spent HOURS out there, and it's only been nice for a week. We hardly even have any toys out there - just a happy patio with two chairs, a slide, basketball hoop, and whatever toys we bring out for the day. My kids seriously SOAK UP the sunshine - they would honestly be happy never going inside again. Our friend was saying it's Mother Earth nurturing the children when they play in nature...I like that.

Nap time. I am so grateful that my children love naps. I don't think Stockton has ever protested going down for a nap in his life, so he's always been great, but with Natalie's sketchy sleep habits you'd think that naps would be stressful...on the contrary, they are glorious! She lays right down and gets cozy and they are both usually asleep within minutes, leaving me 2-3 hours of glorious, coveted, pure JESSIE TIME.

Windows. I have always felt refreshed and boosted by natural light, but the effects are compounded now that I can throw open every single window in the house. Everything feels fresh and happy, and I smile every time I feel the breeze.

Have I mentioned HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS WEATHER!?!?!?

Mom time. My mom is the best, but with her work schedule and my child wrangling it isn't always easy to hang out. We do our best though and make it happen as often as possible. Last week she came down late one night for a delicious Target browse, and then we stayed up late watching Mockingjay Part One. This week we're going to see the new Cinderella movie. Anything we do together usually ends up being hysterical and totally fabulous. I am so glad we live close!!!

A clean car. A funky smell was creeping up in the car yesterday and I was NOT into that, so since Austin got out of class early this morning he helped me clean out the car (sooo much trash and random toys)...and we found the culprit! A who-knows-how-old sippy with half an inch of very sorry looking milk. Then, since we were on a roll, I took the car to be vacuumed and washed (go to 48th and Leighton, friends, the vacuums are free and the legit car wash is only $3!) and it is soooo fresh and happy! Wow, vacuuming was so necessary. I'm not kidding - it took 30 minutes.

Baby #3. I am 33 weeks tomorrow, can you believe it!? We are getting more excited to meet our new son or daughter. We have names picked out and I'm getting antsy wondering who it will be, boy or girl! I'm so looking forward to warm snuggles, swaddling, all their cute wee clothes, their fuzzy head (on the ultrasound this week we saw plenty of hair, pretty cool!), and introducing Natalie and Stockton to their new sibling. Also, I am very much looking forward to not being pregnant anymore. FOR A WHILE THIS TIME.

And of course, my children. They have been extra joyous to be around this week - they are also extremely happy about this delightful weather and it shows in their behavior and temperament. The pure joy that shows on their faces when we go outside is radiant and makes me feel like such a great mom! Plus, they have been sleeping soooo hard after all that sunshine and play time. (Did I mention HOW MUCH I LOVE OUR BACKYARD!?)

There are plenty more things that I keep thinking of - progress on t shirt quilt, Honest Abe's with friends, Stockty getting closer to real words, playing in the neighbors' driveway, how Natalie hasn't once gotten out of her bed unless we come in her room, deep cleaning the washer and dryer and laundry room floor (have you ever done that? holy SATISFYING to get into all those crevices, especially the feels so much better doing laundry in a super clean place), my freshly trimmed bangs, Natsby in her summer shorts, laughing with is good, and I am grateful for the happiness that has been pouring into my life lately.

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