Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Happy pictures!

my sunny Stockty

 water, measuring cups, random mixing bowls....perfection. i think they did this for over an hour the other day, and it was literally the first thing natalie said when she woke up. "let's go play wiff the waterrr outside!"

daddy is a good sport and pulls Natalie (and sometimes Stockton too!) all around 
(by the way, sorry not sorry for all the backyard pics. you'll have to deal with them for the next few months, muahahaha!)

marathon naps - Natalie hardly ever takes more than a two hour nap, but this was going on 3! they are just so cute all rosy-cheeked and cozy with their blankies. kitty right by natalie's face, so adorable.  

playing chess with Pop-Pop; fresh batteries in one of Stockton's favorite toys, and the picture we sent to Mimi when we were sad she wasn't hanging out with us

welcome the newest member of our family
 I finally bit the bullet and ordered a four-person 72-hour kit so I could get it off my mind. No more scary volcano dreams where I panic because we don't have food storage! (I put it off for a while thinking I would make my own, but that turned out to be too overwhelming for me and my limited food storage expertise.)

Natalie and her "grils." She loves these barbies! GREAT motivators - "Uh oh, do I need to take Rapunzel away?" etc. Also, I'm loving the placemat idea. She loves having her own special spot at the table and now Stockton gets more high chair time, although he still prefers roaming. I think she looks so cute eating her meals at the table :) 

defy gravity for a friend's birthday - she loved it! I love her ponytail straight up in the air in the middle pic

fun with selfies at church. i found these (and about 8 more) on my phone one sunday.

 we laughed ourselves silly trying to come up with words with this boggle board - our favorites included "quorn" and "squee" (which is, in fact, a real word, thank you very much!)
also, Natalie helped me make cookies and I love her little ball of dough...can you tell which is hers?

crafting into the night
Slightly negative side note: this baby must either be huge or sitting funny on my pelvis (or both), because the tip of my pelvic bone aches like CRAZY. It's at its worst when I'm in bed - it feels like I'm only sleeping on the surface most of the night, waking up often and gasping when I change positions because my pelvis hurts so bad. I seem to get more consistent sleep if I go to bed later (even though that seems kind of counter-intuitive) so one plus of my pregnant sleeping problems is Austin and I usually get more hang out time at night as we stall before bed. Psych, movies, crafting, games, or Austin's favorite: tidying haha.

And now my Natsby is warm and fresh from her nap, snuggled cozily next to me (I'm using one hand to type) so I'm signing off!

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