Tuesday, March 3, 2015

MARCHing Forward

That's what we're doing, just sort of trucking along! Not much has been going on - as I'm getting more pregnant it is becoming harder to do everyday things, so I feel like we've slowed down a little bit. For instance, I have to reeeeally want to go somewhere if I'm going to put in the effort to get both kids bundled, outside, in carseats, out of carseats, wrangling at the store/friend's house/misc errand, back in carseats, back out of carseats, inside, DEEP BREATH. My protuding belly just gets in the way! It's hard to carry Stockton. Then throw in Natalie having some sort of tantrum issue, and going out turns into the type of production I don't really want to sign myself up for. But I still feel rejuvenated when we leave the house, and the kids always seem uplifted as well. Plus, better naps! : )

Totally mesmerized by Let it Go, blankies in hand. Cute post-nap babes. 

I'm starting to rely on Austin even more - "will you go switch the laundry?" "will you unload the dishwasher?" "will you do everything the kids need so I can just slug on the couch?" "will you go to the store and get some ice cream?" He's more than willing, and I love him all the more for it! We were laughing tonight that we are both sick of dealing with my pregnant self by the time we have the baby, ha, and I don't even get really sick or anything. Oh, hormones.

We are 32 weeks this Friday! What!? The 30s always sound soooo much further along than the 20s, I loveeee it. And then it feels like it just absolutely crawls up til the due date. At least this time I have a true no getting around it DATE so it's more concrete. (Bah, I'm feeling less c-section confident since last time I wrote. Just scared.) It's fun talking to Natalie about her new brother or sister, having her be cozy with my belly, asking her what names we should use, etc. I'm glad she's more understanding this time, but she's still only 2 and a half! (Which she will tell you proudly, by the way.)

Stockton is a sleep CHAMP. I still never ever take a night of his good sleep for granted. Sleeping through the night is such a beautiful thing, since we almost never get it from Natalie. He makes up for her continual issues by sleeping a SOLID twelve hours every night, and a 3-hour nap every afternoon, bless his heart. LOVE IT. I don't know what to do about Natalie's sleep. I rotate through phases: annoyed at how much she wakes up in the night so trying new solutions and being a "tough" mom, OR feeling guilty and lovey and helping her every time she wakes up and saying "this too shall pass," OR getting depressed and exhausted at how little sleep it seems like we get some nights. I'm in the "whatever" phase right now - she'll sleep solidly eventually, right? Plus, I'm in the tossy/turny pregnant phase so it's not like I'm sleeping great anyway.

I came out of the kitchen one morning to find him fast asleep, double fisting binks. I picked him up and he was so floppy and warm that I couldn't bear to wake him up, and we had cozies in the chair until I put him in his crib. It's been a while since I've gotten to hold a sleeping baby! There's something just so precious and special about them when they sleep, so limp and trusting and beautiful. Remind me of that when this new baby wants to be held at three in the morning!

We've had a couple random "nice" days (I say "nice" loosely because it's more like "not super freezing, hurry let's get fifteen minutes outside") that we took advantage of. We sort of even had walking group one morning! I hope I can figure out a way to bring all three kids to walking group this summer. Hmm.

playing at the neighbs

 exploring the bleak wilderness

Natalie and Stockton are playing together more, which is SO fun to see. I love them! This high chair scene happens multiple times daily, ha.

I have this cake in the oven and it smells FANTASTIC. I love this dessert because we don't have it very often and it's completely different from any other treat we typically make. Mmmmm. Also, I finally found a winning rolls recipe! I've tried several in my research and none were bad, I mean we're talking about ROLLS here, but this was by far my favorite one. YUM.

Also also, my parents took us out for a belated birthday dinner for Austin at this incredibly fancy steak place, and it was amazing! The boys shared the "Tomahawk" steak, a 44 ounce, yes, FORTY FOUR OUNCE ribeye that came on an authentic, real life cow rib. It was grotesque to me, but they feasted (as they should considering it cost $110!). Austin threw the bone around in the backyard for his workout the next day, haha!

And lastly, I just wanted to announce that I am in temporary relapse from my literary lethargy! I loved "Language of Flowers" and I'm enjoying "All the Light We Cannot See." I think there was another book I read, but I can't remember now. Hmm. I think it's fun to document what you're reading lately...any recommendations?

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  1. I am listening to All the Light We Cannot See right now! The writing is lovely and I'm a sucker for WW2 stories of hope amid the ruins. Let me know if you want to talk about the C-section situation. I had 5 of them, so I may be able to at least make you laugh at something ridiculous I did during or after... Love you!