Wednesday, March 18, 2015


The weather has cooled down since last I wrote but it's still not deathly like it was before, so I can't complain too much. It has sort of confused the kids though - all of a sudden we're back to coat weather and aren't playing outside multiple times every day. We try to snag a little play time in the late afternoon sun when it seems warmest. This flip-flopping of temperatures must mean SPRING!! I'm sure it will continue to fluctuate, but as long as we get lots of sunny days thrown in there I'm happy.

Spring also means BABY! This is our first spring babe and I am SO appreciating the timing. No huge and pregnant during the hot months, the baby will be older by the time it gets cold again so I'm not quite as worried about them being freezing, plenty of activities for the kids to do over the's going to be great. Remind me that having a baby in spring is a good idea for next time.

happy park swinging : ) 

i love his smiley eyes on the left and his wispy hair
 running free chasing robins, and a cool little copse of trees we found at Pioneer Park (which Natalie has dubbed "peach park" for some reason)

so the photo doesn't do it justice, but i love how coming out of Pioneer Park you
can see straight to the Capital even though it's miles away
Natalie has been really into coloring lately. It's pretty standard now that when she wakes up from her nap, it is straight to the table to color. Her favorite thing to do is draw really hard with the markers all together and then put them down and wipe the paper with her fingers. She says "Mommy I'm painting!" which is really cute. She loves proudly showing me her dirty, colorful hands, and since she's technically not actually drawing on them she's within the bounds of my restrictions so I can't be upset, creative girl. She must take after her mother: finding ways to break rules without going far enough to get in trouble.

the before picture
(...there isn't an after picture because i was too worried
about markers getting everywhere haha)
another warm day - Stockton tried on some hand-me-down swimwear
and I think those huge shorts are hilarious hahaha. also, Natalie's hat that she
found in the dress-up pile downstairs. classy.

she put daddy's basketball shoes on one morning and clomped around calling them "stormtrooper shoes." maybe because they are white/black?

ha, this dog staring at me in the target parking lot made me laugh
March is going by fast - will I ever get tired of writing that time is flying? - and we are counting the weeks until our baby is here (and I'm not pregnant anymore!!!). Pregnancy is not a huge awful ordeal for me like it is for some women (sorry ladies, I won the lottery there) but I do feel significantly more uncomfortable as we get closer to the end. I feel like this time my belly is protruding even more so I'm constantly worried that my shirts aren't covering everything. At home I often walk around with my belly hanging out and feel super trashy, ha. Also, this dumb pelvic pain! It mostly flares up when I'm in bed, which is so uncool since I need my sleep. Now my lower back muscles are being obnoxious too and my sciatic nerve is asserting itself even more than usual, so when I get up after sitting in the same position for too long or especially when I try to adjust positions in bed, I feel like I'm 90 years old, my creaking body protesting and feeling so useless. Waaah, listen to me whine. I keep reminding myself that at least I don't get nauseous at all. It doesn't really help haha.
my beautiful, rosy, brown-eyed Natalie Jane 
I did do a fun project yesterday to take my mind off of my discomfort: we washed all the 0-12 month baby clothes in the perfection that is baby detergent (ahhh that smell is like my drug) and then I got to sort and fold alllllll of the cute baby boy and girl outfits that my Stockty and Natsby wore. So fun! I even washed all the baby blankets, and it was very fun to look forward to dressing and swaddling our new baby. When we are done having children I better lock away all the baby detergent in the world, sleeping beauty/spinning wheel style, because once I smell it I can't help but NEED a fuzzy, soft, Johnson and Johnson shampooed baby in my arms.

thanks for the pic, Kimber! 

Also, a bunch of friends went to see the new Cinderella movie last night, and it was delightful. The movie itself was great, but the company was even better. It's so nice to get out and be with friends, especially those who understand the need for a break from being a mom. Ha, clearly they understand - look how many of us showed up! I didn't get home til after midnight though, so it was definitely past my bedtime! I'm going to be so sad when practically everyone leaves after their rotation of dental/law/other school - our ward turnover rate is crazy. Kind of stinky being the one who stays and has to see everyone go, but I'm sure we'll get new families and love them too.

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  1. Your paragraph about being pregnant made me laugh so much. Espeiclaly feeling trashing with your belly hanging out. I CAN FULLY RELATE TO YOU. I was so big that not a single of Casey's shirts would cover it all. The week I had the twins and complaining about this Alissa was offering to give me some of Victory's shirts, I was that desperate for some coverage, so embarrassing! Also maybe try icy hot on your back and other problem areas, that really helped me in the evenings and night relax and help the pain go away. AND I can sew Stocktn's swim short shorter if you'd like. I did that to Max's and it was s much better for him to walk and swim in and it's cuter when they're shorter on little boys I think. And yes, we NEED more mom nights out SERIOUSLY