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The Final Stretch

We're so close! Woooo!

Signs that it is time to get this baby out:

+even my maternity shirts don't cover my stomach all the way
+I can't open the window above the sink because my belly blocks me
+Austin has been sleeping on the couch because I take up so much room in the bed (bless him)
+it takes a lot of effort to change positions so i don't ever want to move but i have to move frequently because staying in one position too long is uncomfortable
+the amount of times I have to pee is unbelievable, especially at night
+we don't let the kids out anywhere that isn't enclosed because I literally can't chase them haha
+I wake up every morning and think "mannnn, I'm still pregnant"

Differences from this pregnancy to my others:

+not as bad sciatic pain
+wayyy worse pelvic and back pain, especially in bed
+carrying the baby lower and wider across my body
+I actually am way less uncomfortable at this point than I was with Natalie or Stockton
+it went SO…

A General Update

A last dump of pictures/updates before baby!

Some days it's cold and we have to do things inside, or go to the mall:

 window markers = natalie's most favorite thing ever. EVER. it's the first thing she asks to do in the morning and she still is asking to do it by bedtime. our windows definitely look sketchy (see below) but it makes Natsby oh so happy.

One morning we dropped Daddy off at class and then walked around campus with the Birdsalls. It was the perfect day and the gardens were beautiful!

Aaron (Austin's younger brother) spoke in church on Sunday since he reports to the MTC this Wednesday - crazy!! We are proud of him and excited to hear about his service. Austin and Stockton took some more church selfies (I had about 40 of these on my phone).
Bedtime hasn't been going well this week. We were in a good groove with Natalie - she would go down without a fight, fall asleep pretty quickly, and maybe wake up once or twice. One night she even slept through the who…

(almost) 37 weeks!

GUYS! I get to say "two weeks from Friday" when people ask when we are having our baby! That sounds like nothing!! : ) I'm to the point where every day gets exponentially more uncomfortable and I yearn to pop this baby out! Every stomach twinge or abdominal twang gets me excited..."was that a contraction!?" Luckily after two pregnancies where I tortured myself into believing I would be one of the lucky ones who goes into labor early, I am no longer naive enough to get my hopes up and therefore I am less depressed/disappointed at the end of each day. A huge bonus for being induced or having a planned C is you definitely know when your baby is coming! (Especially in my case when it would be unprecedented for me to go into labor early.)

I'm a little ashamed I resorted to the bathroom cell phone pic. For posterity's sake?  
A few reasons why I can't wait to have our third beautiful baby:

1. Well obviously, because we'll get to meet our third beautifu…

Coughing and Conference

The kids developed fevers/dry coughs over the weekend and by now are much better but Natalie still needs a lot of help in the middle of the night. It's like she starts coughing and then can't remember to stop in her poor half-awake state. I'm hoping tonight goes better because Austin is with his family in Nauvoo until tomorrow night, so I'm single parenting! (His brother Aaron and sister Makenzie are going through the temple for themselves tomorrow and they are doing it in Nauvoo since another sister, Makall, is on her mission there and will be able to attend the temple with them. And Anthony (his brother) and Anthony's wife Afton flew in from Nevada to make the trip too! Plus his parents and sister, Makae. Mini family reunion! Aaaand the kids and I opted to stay home. I'd love to see Makall and go to the temple with everyone but it is such a short trip and that's a lot of driving/kid wrangling to deal with for this very pregnant mom!)

I took full advanta…

End of March

Let's wrap up the month of March, shall we? 
 please notice:
-we fit three carseats across, yay!
-Natalie is happy when she gets to be in "new carseat," but her punishment if she didn't do well on our outing is to sit in the "other carseat" which, as you can see, is not pleasant for any of us.
-Stockton disregarding his sister's leg on our drive to Beatrice - thank goodness we turned the DVD on so he wasn't angered by her antics

(We went to church at the Beatrice Branch last week for our annual Eastertime tradition - our second date was driving to Beatrice together when Austin was assigned to speak after his mission, and it happened to be on Easter. We've gone back every year since!)

 cookie dough licks - Stockton thought it would be a good idea to rub his on the floor first
I was too worked up one afternoon to nap, so I did a craft instead while listening to uplifting music. Really good choice - the creative energy from doing something crafty …

18 months!

Mr. Stockton has finally made it to the 18-month club! Woo, buddy!

He can say "uh oh" and "mama" and "daddy," and he gets really excited when you tell him to come put his shoes on because he knows it means he gets to go outside. He LOVES being outside, and also loves playing in the basement. Shredding kleenex is his favorite pastime (wow, imagine how happy he would be if I gave him a tissue box...OUTSIDE!!!), and he's still not a picky eater. He sleeps 12 solid hours every night (which still brings us immense joy, thank you dear son of mine!), thinks the minions from Despicable Me are hysterical, and flaps his arms when he gets excited. He runs and clomps his feet, loves bananas, and retreats to his room after he steals food/sippy from Natalie. He still doesn't really like the high chair or staying up past his bed time. He marches his feet when he thinks something is funny and has a hefty laugh.

We love you, Stockty! Can't wait to see what th…


It has been in the EIGHTIES today and yesterday, whaaaat? I am not kidding when I say that I am already several layers more tan than I was last year, and it's only the beginning of April! The kids love sunscreen because they know they get to go outside after I put it on, and they LOVE their swimsuits. I love the cool breeze that is still blowing through! I love that all I have to do to feel like an awesome parent is bring my children outside and sit watching them play, and I especially love doing that while listening to the Mika Pandora station (seriously, it's the best). I love that naps and bedtime go better when we've spent time outside. I love that we don't have or need very many real toys back there (slide, bike, basketball hoop, miscellaneous things they have brought outside) - they are just fine with water, grass, cement, and sunshine. One of their favorite random toys out there is a broken umbrella. I love being out there when Austin gets home from work and the…

Have You Seen This Man?

+often does dishes when his wife is running errands so she comes home to a clean kitchen +plays with the children outside and doesn't mind when they spray him with the hose +is king at saving money but also forgiving his less-than-frugal wife +brings the spirit into our home every night by reading scriptures to us before bed +is master at putting the children to sleep, especially Stockton +reads out loud to his very pregnant wife who has a hard time falling asleep +puts up with the complaints (both legitimate and ridiculous) of his very pregnant wife +never is too tired to play with the children +tells his self-conscious wife daily that she is beautiful and worthwhile +has never once complained about going to school and work, or all of his home responsibilities +makes me laugh every day, every hour