Monday, April 20, 2015

A General Update

A last dump of pictures/updates before baby!
Stockton loves dropping the stroller and picking it up and doing it again.
Also, he loves sitting there and dangling his legs. Cute.

my handsome happy boy...he could be outside alllllllll day

giving the girls a ride
Some days it's cold and we have to do things inside, or go to the mall:

 window markers = natalie's most favorite thing ever. EVER. it's the first thing she asks to do in the morning and she still is asking to do it by bedtime. our windows definitely look sketchy (see below) but it makes Natsby oh so happy.

stockty running free
look familiar? this is Natalie a year ago, running the same mall
One morning we dropped Daddy off at class and then walked around campus with the Birdsalls. It was the perfect day and the gardens were beautiful!

Aaron (Austin's younger brother) spoke in church on Sunday since he reports to the MTC this Wednesday - crazy!! We are proud of him and excited to hear about his service. Austin and Stockton took some more church selfies (I had about 40 of these on my phone).
Bedtime hasn't been going well this week. We were in a good groove with Natalie - she would go down without a fight, fall asleep pretty quickly, and maybe wake up once or twice. One night she even slept through the whole night! That has seriously happened like five times in her entire life. But this week randomly she is back to throwing fits when it's time for bed, sneaking out of her room and getting mad when we don't let her stay up, and waking up randomly in the middle of the night, yelling for us for no reason. Blahhhh. And tonight, even Stockty put up a bedtime fight! Dearest children, please don't regress right before we add a newborn to the mix.

 Aren't they just so cute? Austin is painting Natalie's nails in teh middle picture while Stockton examines his kneecaps. Natalie lovesssss reading with Daddy. He does all the good voices : )

Let's see, what else?

Things Natalie puts up a fight about:

putting jammies on
taking jammies off and putting clothes on
putting the toy/candy fans away at the checkout line at HyVee
changing her diaper
not having pink lemonade at every possible mention of a beverage
watching Tangled (she's tired of it but Stockton loves it)
closing the door at bedtime
getting out of the bath

Words Stockton has (sort of) said:

mihhhhhh (milk)
na na na (natalie)
mmmmmmmmmmmm (more)
da-dee (daddy)

Things I'm loving about my children lately:

Natalie being so helpful when I ask her to help me tidy up
Stockton sitting in a corner reading Freight Train over and over
their extreme fascination and glee about the minions from Despicable Me
Natalie sharing food with Stockton, even bringing a forkful across the room for him
Natalie naming her art projects - examples: "Rapunzel Sparklies" "Willy and 'Netta" "Baymax"
Stockton checking in more often, just coming up and smiling his huge smile like "hey mom, I love you and was just thinking about you!"

I took Natalie to a combined baptism on Saturday and she did really well! She was reverent and sweet and definitely felt the spirit of the event. She loved sitting right up against the glass by the font and told me afterwards that "they went down into the water! they splashed. they were baptized, like Jesus." There's almost no sweeter feeling than watching your child understand a Gospel principle, especially their relationship with Christ. Going to this baptism was a great teaching opportunity - I highly recommend taking your children. Natalie keeps telling us "I get baptized when I'm eight! I will wear white."

and then there's nakie pineapple time. the best. 

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