Wednesday, April 8, 2015

(almost) 37 weeks!

GUYS! I get to say "two weeks from Friday" when people ask when we are having our baby! That sounds like nothing!! : ) I'm to the point where every day gets exponentially more uncomfortable and I yearn to pop this baby out! Every stomach twinge or abdominal twang gets me excited..."was that a contraction!?" Luckily after two pregnancies where I tortured myself into believing I would be one of the lucky ones who goes into labor early, I am no longer naive enough to get my hopes up and therefore I am less depressed/disappointed at the end of each day. A huge bonus for being induced or having a planned C is you definitely know when your baby is coming! (Especially in my case when it would be unprecedented for me to go into labor early.)

I'm a little ashamed I resorted to the bathroom cell phone pic. For posterity's sake?  

A few reasons why I can't wait to have our third beautiful baby:

1. Well obviously, because we'll get to meet our third beautiful baby! And find out who it is, our next son or daughter. 

2. We can stop beating around the bush when people ask what names we are considering.

3. I won't get the crazed looks at the store like "YOU HAVE TWO TODDLERS AND ARE CLEARLY ABOUT TO HAVE ANOTHER BABY?!? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!?" It's like with names: if you announce the name before the baby is born, people feel like they can make their opinion known, but once the baby is here it's a sealed deal and their opinion is no longer relevant. Ya know? So it's like people (strangers) can judge me while I'm still pregnant, as if there's something I can do about it ("wow, your hands will be full!" "you're braver than I am" "aren't you nervous to have three children so close?") but once I have the baby it's a fact of life and it no longer seems as ridiculous. YOU DON'T KNOW MY LIFE, PEOPLE/I GET PREGNANT REALLY EASILY, OKAY?!

4. Once I am all nice and recovered (hopefully sooner than later) I can actually play with my children with vigor and vim again! I feel like I'm just hobbling around, huffing and puffing when I have to bend over and feeling like everything takes so much ENERGY. I want to run and play and be rambunctious again!


6. Losing weight. Remember when I looked like this?

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  1. 3 and 4 yes. Oh my goodness yes. Even now days when I'm playing around with Max I think to myself "holy crap remember when you were pregnant and literally could not play with max? " seriously, I make myself feel good now to comparing myself to pregnant with twins Kimber and I get big energy boost, ha. And no comparing yourself to pre-marriage Jessie EVER ALLOWED EVER. NO ONE will ever be as skinny as their freshman year self and that is how it's supposed to be ha. It's sucks not being exactly where you want to be body wise but for now we are in our baby having years. Do what you can to get healthy again but holy crap, NO COMPARING WOMAN and I mean it! You're body is flipping amazing popping out 3 kiddos in 3 years like it aint no thing.