Wednesday, April 1, 2015


It has been in the EIGHTIES today and yesterday, whaaaat? I am not kidding when I say that I am already several layers more tan than I was last year, and it's only the beginning of April! The kids love sunscreen because they know they get to go outside after I put it on, and they LOVE their swimsuits. I love the cool breeze that is still blowing through! I love that all I have to do to feel like an awesome parent is bring my children outside and sit watching them play, and I especially love doing that while listening to the Mika Pandora station (seriously, it's the best). I love that naps and bedtime go better when we've spent time outside. I love that we don't have or need very many real toys back there (slide, bike, basketball hoop, miscellaneous things they have brought outside) - they are just fine with water, grass, cement, and sunshine. One of their favorite random toys out there is a broken umbrella. I love being out there when Austin gets home from work and the kids get all excited to have him come play too. 
getting so good at riding her bike! and foraging through the wilderness for sticks ("wands"), which
she then waves all around yelling "weviosa!!" (leviosa, for you HP fans)

can you see my little polka dot explorer?

Stockton played on the slide for a solid thirty minutes yesterday, giggling every time
he got to the top and looking over at me so I would count to "one, two....THREEEEE!"

Christmas came early for Natsby when I got a hose and sprayer - they were in these positions for over an hour
When friends ask what they can do to help when the new baby comes, I am prepared to say "please come over and take my children into the backyard to play." 

"And bring me delicious treats that also somehow make me skinny."
"And let me take a nap."

 "...don't forget the laundry."

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