Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Coughing and Conference

poor sleep-deprived Natsby
The kids developed fevers/dry coughs over the weekend and by now are much better but Natalie still needs a lot of help in the middle of the night. It's like she starts coughing and then can't remember to stop in her poor half-awake state. I'm hoping tonight goes better because Austin is with his family in Nauvoo until tomorrow night, so I'm single parenting! (His brother Aaron and sister Makenzie are going through the temple for themselves tomorrow and they are doing it in Nauvoo since another sister, Makall, is on her mission there and will be able to attend the temple with them. And Anthony (his brother) and Anthony's wife Afton flew in from Nevada to make the trip too! Plus his parents and sister, Makae. Mini family reunion! Aaaand the kids and I opted to stay home. I'd love to see Makall and go to the temple with everyone but it is such a short trip and that's a lot of driving/kid wrangling to deal with for this very pregnant mom!)

I took full advantage of the sickly snuggles I got from the babes - it made me smile to think
 that it won't be long before I have a brand new baby asleep in my arms! : )  

My mom is awesome and came to hang out with me so that I would have some moral support while Austin was gone...she's the best. Obviously we went to Target. Now the kids are fast asleep, no coughing yet, and I have Little Women on in the background to keep me company as I finish the button tree craft I started last week.
soooo tired after a long, stimulating weekend!
We had General Conference over Easter weekend - I always like when they coincide because the talks seem even more centered on Christ and His love for us. We spent some time with both of our families and had a nice, spiritual weekend.

 Conference breakfast - orange julius and fresh cinnamon rolls. Divine!
my belly wanting every last roll
We didn't do much for Easter in the way of Easter baskets, etc, but we did get the children each a book since that's what my parents put in our Easter baskets growing up. I also loaded up on half price Starburst jelly beans and we've been doing mini egg hunts all week. Natalie does not understand the concept of putting the eggs into a basket - she has to open them immediately and find what's inside, then discard the empty egg to go looking for another one.
they were thrilled, clearly
Also a big hit this weekend: the light sabers I got for $1 and $3 at the "Mother of All Garage Sales" at the Lancaster Event Center on Friday...I hate garage sales, but I was looking for a few used things that I thought would show up at garage sales and figured if I were going to go I might as well go to the giant one. It was a ZOO, but I got there early enough that it wasn't too bad. By the time I left you could hardly see the items at the booths, it was so packed. BUT I persevered and found the light sabers, a couple other small toys, some summer shoes for Natalie, and, the big prize of the day, an outdoor table and four chairs for, wait for iiiiiiiitttt...$12! I was so excited! Then as I was walking to my car I realized I hadn't even thought about how I would get my wares home. Oops! I did some quick rearranging (and pulled the "I'm nine months pregnant, let me through!" to the parking nazis) and, after three trips back and forth, figured out how to stuff the table and chairs into my sedan with three carseats in the backseat and a large stroller in the trunk. Luckily and most conveniently, the table is plastic and its legs are able to detach easily. Phew! I'm sure I was quite the sight lugging everything out to my car and stuffing it in. Success! 

jedi children
Other than not getting enough sleep, the children are back to their normal routines and being oh so cute in their everyday play. I thought Stockty looked so sweet sitting there playing with my contact case one morning, and Natalie told me she was wearing the bags like the girl in Big Hero 6. It's not always easy but I am so glad I get to stay home with these little friends every single day! 

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  1. Yep being huge pregnant is the BEST excuse for detouring parking/driving rules. We went to applejack festival and I was only 30 weeks pregnant but they totally let us through to the very front parking where it was pretty much only handicap. Can't wait to see the table and chairs! I would have braved the garage sale with you, gosh darn it!