Wednesday, April 1, 2015

End of March

Let's wrap up the month of March, shall we? 

 please notice:
-we fit three carseats across, yay!
-Natalie is happy when she gets to be in "new carseat," but her punishment if she didn't do well on our outing is to sit in the "other carseat" which, as you can see, is not pleasant for any of us.
-Stockton disregarding his sister's leg on our drive to Beatrice - thank goodness we turned the DVD on so he wasn't angered by her antics

(We went to church at the Beatrice Branch last week for our annual Eastertime tradition - our second date was driving to Beatrice together when Austin was assigned to speak after his mission, and it happened to be on Easter. We've gone back every year since!)

 cookie dough licks - Stockton thought it would be a good idea to rub his on the floor first

I was too worked up one afternoon to nap, so I did a craft instead while listening to uplifting music. Really good choice - the creative energy from doing something crafty refueled me 
(I haven't been getting very much sleep at night so I pretty much always take a nap these days. It is especially enjoyable when my window is open and I can feel a gentle breeze. Not as enjoyable when Natalie is being stubborn about taking her nap -_-)

post-nap cozy nest - she moved right when I went to take a picture

 waiting for Mimi to arrive; two ponies! "like anna," as she said the rest of the day

having a BALL dancing and popping this bubble wrap at my parents'
March went by SO quickly, as all the months are seeming to do. My most recent OB appointment was at 35 weeks 4 days, and the baby is looking perfect and large (already over 7 pounds!). We have babysitters lined up for the weekend that we are in the hospital, which is only three weeks away as of Friday! Not a drill folks, this is the real deal. I'm feeling more anxious about getting things ready, but I can't really get my thoughts together so I haven't really done anything. Everything will fall into place, I am sure. (I hope?)

Can you believe we are already having our third child though? Seriously, it has only been 4 years this month that Austin and I even met. (And then got married 4 months later. And then had Natalie a year later. Then Stockton soon after our 2nd anniversary, and now, a few months shy of our 4th anniversary, another baby. We are blessed!)

Also, it's HOT. Not humid yet, so it hasn't really bothered me, but I feel morally opposed to turning on the AC in April so here I sit at 10:30 at night, hot. Thank goodness for ceiling fans.

And, our first big thunderstorm of the season is rolling in. One of my favorite parts about Nebraska. Cozy! (as long as it doesn't wake the kids...)

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