Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Have You Seen This Man?


+often does dishes when his wife is running errands so she comes home to a clean kitchen
+plays with the children outside and doesn't mind when they spray him with the hose
+is king at saving money but also forgiving his less-than-frugal wife
+brings the spirit into our home every night by reading scriptures to us before bed
+is master at putting the children to sleep, especially Stockton
+reads out loud to his very pregnant wife who has a hard time falling asleep
+puts up with the complaints (both legitimate and ridiculous) of his very pregnant wife
+never is too tired to play with the children
+tells his self-conscious wife daily that she is beautiful and worthwhile
+has never once complained about going to school and work, or all of his home responsibilities
+makes me laugh every day, every hour

+is my very favorite person to be around

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