Monday, April 20, 2015

The Final Stretch

We're so close! Woooo!

ahhhhhhhh, pre-baby pedicure : ) : ) : ) 
Signs that it is time to get this baby out:

+even my maternity shirts don't cover my stomach all the way
+I can't open the window above the sink because my belly blocks me
+Austin has been sleeping on the couch because I take up so much room in the bed (bless him)
+it takes a lot of effort to change positions so i don't ever want to move but i have to move frequently because staying in one position too long is uncomfortable
+the amount of times I have to pee is unbelievable, especially at night
+we don't let the kids out anywhere that isn't enclosed because I literally can't chase them haha
+I wake up every morning and think "mannnn, I'm still pregnant"

Differences from this pregnancy to my others:

+not as bad sciatic pain
+wayyy worse pelvic and back pain, especially in bed
+carrying the baby lower and wider across my body
+I actually am way less uncomfortable at this point than I was with Natalie or Stockton
+it went SO FAST
+I don't feel the same impending relief of giving birth and being done being pregnant because I'm worried about recovering from a c-section
+we can't wait to find out the gender!!! it's made the anticipation a different kind of exciting. who is being sent to us?!

Now that we are in the final countdown I feel like I can actually make preparations - today I cleaned out the fridge and freezer and pantry to have easy food access/prep/options for babysitters and also for me post-baby; Austin helped me organize the closets and clothes bins a little better so I feel like I know where everything I need is and won't have to worry about it later; I went grocery shopping and loaded up on easy staples like mac and cheese, pb&j sandwich fixings, cereal (that's ALL I wanted to eat after Stockton was born), freezer pizza, spaghetti, and snacks for the kids; I started gathering items for my hospital bag(s) but didn't get very far because I think that's easier the night before; we brought out the baby swing, rock and play, and got another white noise machine; and we mostly have the weekend childcare figured out while I am in the hospital. Friends have graciously offered to come help me clean this week so our house will be nice and fresh before the distraction of a newborn (thank you, friends!) and I went through Natalie and Stockton's current clothes to take out what they aren't wearing anymore and clean out their dressers.

Things feel like they are wrapping up around here and it is exciting! I'm hoping that I won't be too out of commission from the c-section and that if I accept (and ask for) as much help as possible in the first weeks that I will recover quickly and fully and the adjustment to three children will go smoothly. I think Stockton will be jealous but that Natalie will be helpful and excited.

It's crazy how pregnancy seriously drags on FOREVERRRR and then BOOM all of a sudden you just aren't pregnant anymore and there is a new human being in the world, courtesy of YOU. It really is miraculous and awesome and I'm grateful that I get to have this experience for the third time. Doesn't it boggle your mind a little that one day you're just going about your daily business and the next day you have a baby who wasn't there before?

I'm excited to get my body back. I'm excited to be cozy with a newborn. I'm excited to be able to put pants on without a struggle. I'm excited to not have pregnancy be my first and seemingly only identity. I'm excited! Bring it on, baby tres!

they conveniently left the middle cushion open for their new sibling
p.s. Austin just took a "what is my patronus" quiz and got a dolphin, hahaha! I was mocking him until I took the same quiz...and also got a dolphin. Ha. (patronus test find your patronus, fyi)

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  1. It's so close!! How exciting! And so true--having a baby is just amazing and sudden. I'm so excited for you guys to add another cutie to your family! Newborns are so precious. I already miss having one, and my baby is not even 6 months old! And as for the stomach-slicing-recovery, don't forget to take the painkillers regularly. Ah! I want to know what your baby is! and what his/her name will be! and hear all about how it goes! GOOD LUCK, friend! A big hug :)