Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Natalie, Stockton, Little Jack 

 I think Jack is a mix of his siblings. (I want to do more comparisons eventually - it is so fun looking through old pictures!!!)

one week
two weeks
three weeks
one month

Comparisons in temperament:

Just like his looks, Jack seems to be a mix of Natalie and Stockton. He is way more mild than Natalie, but more alert than Stockton. He fusses less than both babies (although that's not really fair because Stockton only fussed because he had gas issues.) He sleeps much better than Natalie and probably about the same as non-gassy Stockton. He doesn't take as long to eat as Natalie did, and eats less often than Stockton did. 

Comparisons in me, emotionally/physically:

I get less stressed/anxious/exhausted with each baby. I have only had one or two days where I was just DYING to take a nap this time. Otherwise I really do feel pretty rested, although my neck is starting to hurt because I keep falling asleep in weird positions in the chair at night. I always felt completely exhausted with Stockton, and I think I was always tired with Natalie but I kind of can't remember...yikes! I am feeling more confident in my role as mother but less confident in my appearance. I am recovering differently this time of course since it's my first c-section, so that's hard to compare. I took the belly band off the other day and have felt more tender/sore around my abdomen and incision, but nothing dramatically painful or debilitating. I'm afraid to work out this time, but I didn't really feel super excited to work out for a while after having Natalie/Stockton either.  

I'm happy and grateful and sometimes (often) selfish and sometimes whiny but mostly I'm still just relieved that everything is going well and the babes are all healthy, growing, and developing. We are blessed!

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