Wednesday, May 27, 2015

First Week

Thoughts from the first week that Jack was home with us:

"Things are going better than I thought!"

"Babies are so floppy"

"Our family feels so much more complete with three kids"

"I'm glad Natalie and Stockton are doing well with a new baby in the house, and starting to actually play together"

"Why doesn't my mom live with me"

"I'm so glad my mother-in-law does hair so I don't have to learn how to/pay for haircuts"


"I don't just need more hands, I straight up need more clones of my whole self to manage things around here!"


"I hope they are friends forever"


Writing this a month after the fact gives me the advantage of hindsight but the disadvantage of already forgetting things. I remember feeling mostly calm when Austin or friends or family were around to help me, but I had to fight down panic when I was alone, especially the first couple days that Austin went back to work. Things went fine at home, but I couldn't shake the feeling of impending catastrophe so I felt kind of like things were going to blow up all of a sudden. I'm grateful that everyone has adjusted so well - Stockton struggled with bedtime for the first week but is back to normal, and Natalie seems a bit more clingy, but overall they have been such troopers.

I think mostly though I owe our success to little Jack - he has been such a good baby, bless him. He isn't abnormally fussy, he recognizes day vs. night, he eats well and is already on a good eating schedule, and he sleeps most of the night, when he's not eating. I guess his one "downfall" (heaven forbid an infant isn't perfect!) is that he likes to be held, including when he's asleep, so I usually end up sleeping half the night on the chair or couch in the living room, dozing off as I feed him or after burps. I'm SO GLAD he doesn't give us grief in the middle of the night though, he's mostly content to eat and then go back to sleep in my arms. YAY. (Suppressing memories of a wide awake and/or angry Natalie ALL NIGHT LONG...)

I felt so blessed and watched over, and I still feel that way. Heavenly Father hears our prayers and knows what we are going through, and that has been such a huge help to me. I'm grateful for the friends who helped out so much - we couldn't have done it without you.

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