Friday, May 15, 2015

Jack is Born!

Little Jack
Jack Atticus Poulsen made his appearance at 9:21 am April 24, 2015 and weighed 9 pounds 9 ounces, 21 inches long. He had a big fuzzy head of dark hair and swollen cheeks/eyelids. He was like a puppy for the first few days, hardly opening his eyes haha.
the squishy face!!

I felt an immediate connection to our new little baby - it just felt very right that he was here with us in our family. My friend remarked that it makes total sense that Natalie is the big sister of two little brothers, and we agree! She'll love bossing them around.
Natalie loves holding "jack jack jack"
We spent most of the hospital stay (Friday morning-Monday afternoon) just being snuggly together, with visitors and nurses coming in and out. I felt like I needed a lot of help Friday and Saturday, but Sunday I was feeling more normal so Austin went home to be with the kids and Jack and I had a lot of quiet time together. I loved having friends visit - Kat and Dan and Kaydince, Kylie, Ross and Aly, the Bakers, and of course our families. It's special sharing your new baby with other people who also love and admire him. We felt very supported and loved and taken care of, and it was nice that we knew our children at home were taken care of too (thank you babysitters!).

I loved being in the hospital. I had bomb nurses - they were all fun, happy, helpful, and just GREAT. I especially hit it off with one nurse in particular - Davida - and she was with me all three nights, so I totally lucked out. We went on "walks" together around the maternity ward to get my strength back, and she was just fun and friendly and I bet we would totally be friends if we met again.

Daddy and Mommy snuggles : )  

The food was great - I got pizza for the majority of my meals, ha, or PBandJs and chocolate pudding. I chose French toast or breakfast sandwiches in the morning. I love St. E's because they serve the husbands free meals too! An annoying side note: I had a sinus infection, so I couldn't really smell or taste much of anything, and it hurt to blow my nose. But still, the food was good. I also ate a lot of jello, and probably drank 14 gallons of water.
I loved the quiet time with Little Jack - Sunday afternoon we watched the movie Paycheck together (helloooo, Ben Affleck) and took frequent cozy naps together. He was so calm and content to just be wrapped up in my arms. I didn't even send him to the nursery on my last night because he was such a good sleeper.
tired Daddy
Austin and I (and Jack) watched Legally Blonde for date night - we had snacks from the "bistro" down the hall and laughed (gently, in my case) at Elle Woods and enjoyed being cozy together. We have three kids, you guys!
heading home! (with my brownie on the blankie haha)
Natalie's art, flowers from the Welches, pizza, and freedom
I actually didn't want to go home - I wish I could have stayed for like three weeks. It was so nice to be taken care of and to just have that much down time. But I missed my Natsby and little buddy Stockton and knew we needed to get everyone adjusted sooner rather than later, so I packed up and Aly took me home Monday afternoon.

39 weeks! last pregnant picture
AND! I'm not pregnant anymore!!! My missionary brother Sam wrote us the other day and asked if we were pregnant again already....ummm, NO. Ha, I guess we've set a precedent for ourselves having three kids in under 3 years, but I will be taking a break this time, thank you very much! : )


  1. He's wonderful! So happy he's here.

  2. Ahhh. Just catching up on your blog. I really just should not have read your post on the c-section. I realize however I am not prepared for any possibility of a c-section. But you did it as and it wasn't awful so go you!!! And I have to say, i'm totally jealous that you got to deliver at St e's again. ..our stupid insurance.

    So happy sweet jack made it here safely!! You rock as a mom!