Wednesday, May 27, 2015



I had a moment of profound sadness that my little girl is growing up.

I've never been one of those "aww it goes too fast!"/"i miss when they were small"/"please halt time so they never grow up!" type moms, but one afternoon after naps Natalie sat down daintily in the middle of the living room and just talked to me about whatever came to her mind. She sounded so intelligent and opinionated and thoughtful and I just couldn't believe that she wouldn't always be this little. She's been my #1 pal from day one and I hope that never changes. I love spending time with her and listening to her and loving her.

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  1. Daughter-friends are the best. I feel like I didn't start out as one of those "aww it goes so fast!" type moms, but one day I woke up and it DID go by so fast, and I was like WOAH! This phase won't last forever! I need to make sure I enjoy the good parts and don't grumble through the hard parts! I love it when they grow, but it also twangs my heartstrings to look back. :)