Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Overview, Month One

burrito baby
 He has curly hair that is already getting lighter in color. He really likes his bink, and being swaddled. 
he loves falling asleep on the couch, for some reason

 he's our little scowler...

until he whips out the big shiny-eyed smile

he has the most hair of any of our newborns
He doesn't really like the carseat or the swing so far. 

Hopefully he'll learn to love both.

He sleeps better/longer if he's held, but he squeaks (when he sleeps, when he eats, when he's mad, when he's happy...he's just a squeaker) so it's hard to nap with him. But very cozy : )

haha. taken today, 5/27/15
The first month went so fast - I'm betting the months will keep flying by! 

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