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The Lostrich

Edit: Austin posted this the other day from work without telling was a "Stardines" poem (see this post) we worked on together via email that we never posted and Austin was finally tired of it sitting in our email inbox so he randomly put it up on the blog with no explanation. Love that man, haha.

The Lostrich

"Where am I?"
Thinks the Lostrich yet again.
"And where am I going?
And where have I been?

"And who are all these people
That I've never seen before?
And why do I not recognize
This large department store?"

The Lostrich has, in fact,
passed by there every day,
but he cannot remember that,
or why he goes that way.

In a momentary panic,
the Lostrich hides his head.
He buries it deep in the ground,
and wonders if he's dead.

"Where am I?"
he asks himself once more.
"And why is it so dark in here?
And why's my head so sore?"

The Lostrich is so lost, you see,
that even in the ground,
his mind begins to wander,

Quilt Queen

I have to admit, I am extremely proud of my effort in planning, preparing, and completing our t-shirt quilt. I have sewn a total of like two minutes in my entire life up to this point, so this was quite the undertaking. We had so many t-shirts, most from my high school/college, but a handful from Austin, and I had wanted to make them into a quilt for a long time. I googled "easy t-shirt quilt" and followed those directions, and figured it out as I went.

cut out t shirts
cut out fusible backing
iron on fusible backing
cut fabric strips
pin strips onto shirts
sew strips onto shirts
pin shirts into columns
sew shirts into columns
cut fabric strips for quilt edges
pin edges to t shirt columns
sew edges on
pin the batting/back fabric to the front
hold breath...
squeal at finished product

It was a fun project to work on together with Austin - we'd turn on a Psych episode while we pinned and sewed and took lots of breaks for my poor pregnant back. It was fun …

Catch Up

Picture dump, here we go:

 Natalie demands to be all up in my grill any time I'm feeding Jack. I told her that I needed more space on the chair, so instead of sitting next to me she sat on my shoulder. Much more helpful, haha.

 cozy Pop-pop nap, and Stockton attacking Jack's eye
I have a lot of thoughts in my head but never seem to be able to remember them when I finally find time to sit down and blog...for now, I guess you'll just have to enjoy more pictures.

 post-nap Stockty

 handsome Stockton, nap chair, and pizza with Daddy

Little Jack in June

Ohhh, Jack, how we love you!

Such a fun little dude. Relaxed, chill, easy. He eats every three hours, knows night vs. day and sleeps well at night. He likes his bink but isn't quite as bink-happy as the other babies were, he is starting to smile, and he already successfully secured the title of Largest Blow-out of any of our children.

 ha, these pictures make me laugh...his bare legs!
The "bubble" hasn't burst yet - things are still going really well. I feel basically fully recovered (I've even gone running a few times!) and it feels like Jack has always been with us. I love having a little baby to snuggle again. It's so fun to share him with Natalie and Stockton, too.

He was blessed at church on June 7, 2015, with the name Jack Atticus Poulsen. Austin did the blessing, of course, and also in the circle were our dads, Ross, Dan, Colt, and the bishopric. It was nice having our families at the meeting with us, and my mom brought delicious deli sandwich fixins f…


Outings are fun. Outings are necessary. Outings require preparation and planning, but are usually worth it!

We (Natalie, Jack and I) went to a Saltdogs baseball game with friends and had a blast! It was fun to sit on the grass and smell the funnel cake and hear the crack of the baseball bat. Natalie was talking nonstop about it for the next few days.

Since we drop Austin off at work in the morning and are out already, we try to run an errand or do something fun. We kind of rotate between grocery store/Target/mall/park.

 Sometimes, we just stay in the car and play there.

 They love turning the lights off and on. And Natalie is chewing on an old sucker, ew haha.
Pop-pop took us to the mall and even got on the ride with Natalie. Pretzels, lemonade, and the carousel were also involved, as usual. I'm glad my dad is so available to play with us!

Stockton's dream is to run wherever he wants and be able to switch direction on a whim without anyone picking him up or forcing him to go w…


This post was supposed to be up weeks ago...oops. Behold, the month of May:

Natalie and Stockton are playing together so much, and I LOVE it. They chase each other, jump on the bed and giggle like crazy, and sit and flip through books together. The best.