Sunday, June 14, 2015

Catch Up

Picture dump, here we go:

I'll never get tired of seeing them play together

 Natalie demands to be all up in my grill any time I'm feeding Jack. I told her that I needed more space on the chair, so instead of sitting next to me she sat on my shoulder. Much more helpful, haha.

 cozy Pop-pop nap, and Stockton attacking Jack's eye

living room picnic 
I have a lot of thoughts in my head but never seem to be able to remember them when I finally find time to sit down and blog...for now, I guess you'll just have to enjoy more pictures.

 post-nap Stockty

LOVE those sparkly eyes
he makes the best faces!
attacking chicken nuggets - would you believe this is their first
freezer chick nug experience? they can't get enough

 handsome Stockton, nap chair, and pizza with Daddy

one of my all-time favorite pictures
my sister is so pretty 
will I ever get a (good) picture of the three of them? this looks like one of those pinterest fails

me and my natsby!

grandpa love : ) 

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