Sunday, June 14, 2015

Little Jack in June

Ohhh, Jack, how we love you!

nap bundle
Such a fun little dude. Relaxed, chill, easy. He eats every three hours, knows night vs. day and sleeps well at night. He likes his bink but isn't quite as bink-happy as the other babies were, he is starting to smile, and he already successfully secured the title of Largest Blow-out of any of our children.

 ha, these pictures make me laugh...his bare legs!

The "bubble" hasn't burst yet - things are still going really well. I feel basically fully recovered (I've even gone running a few times!) and it feels like Jack has always been with us. I love having a little baby to snuggle again. It's so fun to share him with Natalie and Stockton, too.

He was blessed at church on June 7, 2015, with the name Jack Atticus Poulsen. Austin did the blessing, of course, and also in the circle were our dads, Ross, Dan, Colt, and the bishopric. It was nice having our families at the meeting with us, and my mom brought delicious deli sandwich fixins for lunch afterwards. It was nice explaining what a baby blessing is to Natalie. I missed our brothers though - Max, Sam, and Aaron are all on missions, so Big Jack (as Natalie calls him) had to represent the brotherly faction by himself!

What a guy - he was just over 6 weeks in these pictures

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