Sunday, June 14, 2015


This post was supposed to be up weeks ago...oops. Behold, the month of May:

MOWMAGEDDON. We didn't mow for weeks between dealing with a new baby
and Lincoln having record rainfall in May...this picture doesn't even do it justice.
I finally made it a priority so I didn't have to look at my neighbors with shame.

a handful of people asked me if they
were twins since they matched with their
curls and black shirts

Austin sent me to Panera one morning for a
delightful reading/breakfast break and when I
came home Jack was sleeping and the kids
were enjoying Mario Kart with Daddy
cake for breakfast
...and ice cream
...and a cozy Jack

Natalie LOVES her baby brother. 

she wanted to "be like mommy" in the top right picture : ) 

when I came home from the hospital Stockton wouldn't
leave my side - he would cozy up with my legs, follow me
wherever I sat, and reach up for lots of love

my sweet Stockty

brothers : ) 

Natalie and Stockton are playing together so much, and I LOVE it. They chase each other, jump on the bed and giggle like crazy, and sit and flip through books together. The best. 


Natalie would put her leg over the carseat and Stockton would swat it away and they would burst out laughing

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